A char—sauce. Ada—ginger.

Akhni water—the juice left after boiling meat or spices or both in water. Alubokhara—a sort of prune, brought chiefly from Bokhara. Am—mango.

Am-ada—mango-scented ginger.


Amra—hog plum.

Amrita-mun—a sort of arum.

Am-satta—inspissated mango juice.


Arahar—a kind of pulse.

Atap rice—rice husked without boiling.

Atta—coarse flour.

Bajra—a kind of crops resembling millet. Bara—Cake ( of any shape and size ).


a sort of kidney-bean


Barn—rectangular or parallelogram shaped pieces. Bel—wood-apple, bael, a kind of fruit with a hard crust and sweet when ripe.

Besam—meal of any kind of unfried pulse.




Bhat—boiled rice. Bhetki—a kind of big fish. Bhura—a kind of crop.

Bori—dried cakes of paste of any kind of pulse. Chalta—an acid fruit. Champa note sak—a kind of pot herb. "Chana—gram. Chatni—pickles. Cheena—a kind of crop.

Chhanasolid curd left after removal of whey. Chhatoo — meal of any kind of fried pulse. Chhola—grams. Chichinga—snake-gourd. Chingri—shrimp, prawn. Chini—sugar.


flattened rice.


Chitol—a kind of big fish. Climbing fish—a kind of fish, the biggest of which weigh 7 or 8 to the seer, known as Koi fish in Bengal.

Dadkhani rice—a fine variety of rice.

Dal—pulse, cooked or uncooked.

Dhenki—an indigenous pedal for husking rice.


Enchor—green jack-fruit.

Falsa—a kind of very small fruit. Fulkapi—cauli-flower. Galda chingri—lobsters.

Garam-masalla—a mixture of cinnamon, cloves and small cardamoms. Ghee—clarified butter. Golapi—rose scented. Goura—a kind of lemon. Gur—molasses.

Hard chhana—chhana from which all the whey has-been drained off by high pressure.

Hilsa fish—a kind of fish rich in oil like cod fish., big ones weighing about iY seers.


Jhinga—a kind of kitchen fruit.


Kachu —a sort of arum.

Kachu sak—the tender leaf or its stem of the kachu plant.

Kagji—a kind of lemon with strong smell. Kala-jam—black-berry. Kalai—a kind of pulse.

Kancha moog dal—pulses husked from unfried moog seeds. Kancha til—raw entire sesames. Kanthal—ripe jack-fruit. Karamcha—a kind of small acid fruit. Karola—a longish fruit of very uneven surface and of a bitter taste. Kasir chini—a reddish powder-like sugar.

Katla—a kind of big fish, salmon. Khai—parched or fried paddy. Khechuri—a preparation of rice and pulse. Kheer—inspissated milk.

Khejuri gur—molasses prepared from juice of date palm.

Khesari—a species of pulse.

Khowa kheer—kheer inspissated to practically dryness.

Kumra— pumpkin-gourd, or in short, gourd. Kul—plum.

Lau—pumpkin, it is a fruit of the gourd family, also known as long or bottle gourd. Magura fish—a kind of sheat fish.


edible arum.



Mash-kalai—a kind of pulse with black skin of the kidney-bean variety. Masur-dal—lentil, a kind of pulse. Mete—liver. Mocha—plantain flower.

Moog-dal—a kind of pulse having two varieties, one with black skin and the other with golden skin, the latter being better than the former ; moog is the most tasteful of all pulses.

Mukhi kachu—the bulbous root of the ka'chu.


Nalen gur—the finest variety of khejuri gur, to be had in the market in both solid and liquid state.


Neem leaves—leaves of neem, a kind of big tree bitter in taste, the red tender leaves only are used in cooking, available in the month of March.


a kind of esculent arum.


Palang sak—a kind of pot-herb, also called Indian beet, it is the best of all pot-herbs. Palta—the patol plant, bitter in taste. Panch-foron—a combination of mustard, cumin, fenugreek, black cumin and aniseed—the most common one for seasoning curries. Panifal—water-chestnut.

Papaw—a kind of big sized fruit, red and sweet when ripe, the juice of the green ones or of the tree renders tough meat tender.

Pati—a kind of lemon.

Patol—a small species of cucumber extensively used as kitchen vegetable. Peshwari rice—a fine variety of rice. Pitha—a sort of cake. Polao—rice cooked with ghee and spices. Posta—poppy-seed. Pudina leaves—leaves of mint plant.


a kind of delicious big fish, salmon.


Sabeda—meal of rice, rice-flour.

Sago—a kind of starch produced from the stem of several palms of the East Indies, forming light, wholesome nutritious food. ::Sajina flower—flower of the Morunga tree. Sajina khara—the stick-like fruit of the Morunga tree. Sak—any kind of pot-herb. Satta—inspissated iuice of anything.


a kind of fish, black in colour.


Siddha rice—rice husked after drying paddy which is boiled once. Singi fish—a kind of sheat fish.

Sona moog dal—that kind of pulses of moog which has golden-coloured skin. Suji—middlings.

Sukta—a sort of vegetable curry, bitter to taste.

Tal—the fruit of the fan-palm or palmyra tree.

Thor—the spathe of a plantain tree which forms when it blooms ; the stem of the banana flower which remains inside the trunk.


Uch-chhe—a small sort of edible bitter gourd with a rough surface, a smaller variety of karola.