Wash any number of ripe and sweet mangoes, peel them and squeeze the juice from them. Strain the juice through a fine piece of linen and collect in several flat, stone or porcelain dishes smeared with ghee, each containing as much of the juice as can be dried on the same day. Tilt the dishes so that the juice spreads evenly over the whole surfaces and dry them in the sun. Repeat the same process every day till the layer of dried mango juice in each dish is as thick as is desired. Then scratch the extreme ends of each layer with the tip of a knife holding it against the centre of each dish, and slowly remove the layers intact from the dishes. Place them on a clean piece of linen and dry them perfectly in the sun. Smear them with a little ghee. Cut them in pieces and serve. They can be preserved for several months if they are kept on clean pieces of linen in an airtight pan which should be heated in the sun at least once a week. Similarly layers of dried juice of ripe jack-fruit, which are known as "Kanthal-Satta" may be prepared and preserved.

Jelly Of Pine-Apples

Peel a few very ripe pine-apples, cut in pieces, thrash them and strain the juice through a clean piece of linen. Mix with 1 1/2 times its weight of sugar, or make a thick syrup of the sugar and pour in the juice. Boil and stir till the mass is thick. Then take down and if desired mix with a little powder of any spice.

Jelly Of Green Mangoes And Other Fruits

Remove the stalks of a few mature yet green mangoes, wash and boil them Squeeze the boiled mangoes and strain the pulp through a clean pitce of linen. Mix it with 1 1/2 times its weight of sugar or add it to a boiling thick syrup of the sugar. Stir constantly till the mass is thick when taking down mix with a little lemon-juice. Jellies of ripe tomatoes ripe plums and ripe guavas can be prepared exactly in the same process. Never use iron utensils in the preparation of jellies, aluminium or enamelled ones are the best for this purpose.

Barfi Of Various Fruits

Prepare a jelly of any of the above mentioned fruits and boil it till very thick when pour it on a fiat enamelled or wooden plate, level upper surface and allow it to cool. Cut in cubes with a knife when sufficiently hard.