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Medicine & Health Care

Reference books on Alternative Medicine and Health, including Natural Cure, Materia Medica, Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Massage and a lot more.

-Cancer And Other Tumours Of The Stomach | by Samuel Fenwick
This book, divided into two parts, gives information on Gastric Carcinoma and various other Tumours which affect the Stomach and the Duodenum.
-The Control Of Hunger In Health And Disease | by Anton Julius Carlson
The following pages contain a summary of the work on the stomach, with special reference to hunger and appetite, carried out in the Hull Physiological Laboratory of the University of Chicago during the last four years. We have aimed to present this digest in the light of the entire biological and clinical literature on the subject, hoping that it may encourage more intensive work on hunger and appetite control, particularly in the fields of clinical medicine and comparative physiology, as the work of the past on this problem is not commensurate with its biological, medical, and economic importance.
-Cancer Of The Stomach | by A. W. Mayo Robson
It would seem hardly necessary to find any excuse for the publication of a monograph on cancer of the stomach and its treatment, for when it is realised how frequent gastric cancer is and that the disease is at first local and curable in a considerable proportion of cases by early removal; the stomach being in fact invaded more frequently than any other organ accessible to direct observation, it is curious that surgical treatment of this disease has not yet received more attention.
-Health | by W. H. Coefield
This book contains Lectures that were delivered at the Rooms of the Society-of Arts, under the auspices of the Trades' Guild of Learning and of the National Health Society. They have been corrected from the shorthand writer's notes, and are published in almost exactly the form in which they were given. The Sanitary apparatus described can be studied at the Parkes Museum of Hygiene in University College, London.
-Holistic Medicine | by Shriniwas J. Kashalikar
Besides the arbitrary divisions of medicine, fields other than medicine such as education, agriculture, horticulture, industries and environment have bearing on the well being of an individual and the mankind Hence the education, research and practice in these fields have also to be reoriented, coordinated and integrated so as to facilitate TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT. This book is an attempt to provide intellectual framework for pursuing this goal. I have called this framework "Holistic Medicine" so as to distinguish it from every possible arbitrary division, branch or system of medicine with sectarian approach.
-Human Sexuality | by J. Richardson Parke
This book contains a Medico-Literary Treatise On The Laws, Anomalies, And Relations Of Sex With Especial Reference To Contrary Sexual Desire
-Malaria, Influenza And Dengue | by Julius Mennaberg and O. Leichtenstern
Gives detailed explanation of mosquito borne diseases Malaria, Influenza And Dengue. Includes details of mosquito, symptoms and other information.
-Dream Psychology | by Maurice Nigoll
The dream is so common an experience that it is not surprising that the analytical spirit of the present age seeks to understand it. The genius of Hughlings Jackson, which has now begun to inspire English neurologists, foresaw that the dream was the key of approach to many problems of psychiatry. In the following pages I have attempted to present, as simply as possible, a view of dreams that is not purely deterministic. Interpretation must necessarily be a personal matter, and therefore I cannot claim that all the views expressed in this book would be supported by the Swiss school.
-Skin Cancer | by Henry H. Hazen, A.B., M.D.
In this book an effort has been made to gather under one cover the latest views on malignant tumors of the skin, and to give the personal experience of the author, an experience gained in Dr. Blood-good's surgical pathological department of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, in Dr. Gilchrist's dermatological clinic at the same institution, and in the surgical, pathological, and dermatological departments of the Freedmen's and Georgetown University hospitals.
-Anatomy Of The Arteries Of The Human Body | by John Hatch Power
The present work has been undertaken chiefly with the view of assisting the student whilst engaged in the study of Practical Anatomy, and of affording him such practical information in connection with the Anatomy of the Arterial System as may be of advantage to him long after his studies have been completed. For the purpose of effecting these desirable objects, I have endeavored to simplify as much as possible the anatomical details, and to bring together such material facts in relation to the operations upon the principal arteries of the body, as may lead to correct conclusions relative to the treatment of the various accidents and diseases to which these vessels are exposed.
-The Anatomy Of The Human Skeleton | by J. Ernest Frazer
Knowledge of the skeleton as an integral part of the study of human anatomy, and, in the literature bearing upon the subject, we find masterly accounts of the constituent bones which rank as classics in the education of the student. In this book I have ventured to wander in some degree from the well-trodden road and to lead the reader by other ways to the comprehension of his subject.
-A Manual Of Dissections Of The Human Body | by R. E. Carrington
It has not been found possible in the arrangement of these dissections to classify them under the usual headings of Head and Neck, Upper extremity, Abdomen, and Lower extremity, because many of them would have been included under two or even more of these: in fact, they have often been specially planned with this object, so as to include the border lines of parts which, as they belong strictly neither to one nor the other dissector, are often neglected entirely. Nevertheless, this order has been followed for the most part, and in cases where a dissection involves partly one part and partly another, it has as far as possible been used as an intermediate link between the two.
-Engravings Of The Arteries | by Charles Bell
Illustrates The Anatomy Of The Human Body, And Serving As An Introduction To The Surgery Of The Arteries
-The Homologies Of The Human Skeleton | by Holmes Coote
The following gives a brief account of the signification of the different bones composing the human skeleton, and to familiarise the mind of the Student in Anatomy with the idea that the whole body is formed of a succession of vertebral segments. The book is unsuited to those who have not previously rendered themselves well versed in elementary Osteology by the careful examination of the different bones, and by the attentive perusal of some of those excellent systems of Anatomy
-The Human Body: An Elementary Text-Book Of Anatomy, Physiology, And Hygiene | by H. Newell Martin
The Physiology and Hygiene of this text-book are, in general, identical with that of the " Briefer Course" edition of the "Human Body" published in the "American Science Series." In the present edition the chemical phraseology has been simplified in consequence of the requests of some teachers. A chapter has been added on the subjects of Fermentation and Distillation. The description of the effects of alcoholic drinks and other narcotics on the human system has been amplified, and separated into sections appended to various chapters, instead of being collected in a chapter by itself as in the "Briefer Course" edition. These changes bring the book into harmony with the laws requiring the facts concerning these substances to be taught in public schools.
-The Human Body And Health | by Alvin Davison
An effort has been made to present in this book the subject of personal and public health in such a way as to appeal to the interest of boys and girls and fix in their minds the essentials of right living. Knowing anatomy and physiology is of little value to our young folks unless it helps them to practice intelligently in their daily lives the teachings of hygiene and sanitation.
-Animal Physiology: The Structure And Functions Of The Human Body | by John Cleland
The principal object of this book is to supply to readers previously unacquainted with anatomical details as complete an account as possible of the functions of the body. In doing this, the author has kept constantly in view the desire of the Publishers to supply the information required for the Advanced Course of the Directory of the Science and Art Department; and at the same time has sought to furnish to the junior student of medicine a compendium of physiology which may assist him in obtaining a clear idea of the principles of the science, and prepare him for the perusal of works of more elaborate character.
-Human Physiology For The Use Of Elementary Schools | by Charles Alfred Lee
This book introduces instruction in anatomy and physiology into popular education
-Man: A History Of The Human Body | by Arthur Keith, Sir
This little book treats of the history of the human body rather than of its structure and mechanism. It reflects the opinions current among the more progressive anatomists of the present time.
-Surgical Anatomy | by John A. C. MacEwen
Presents a concise yet connected account of the anatomical facts of importance to the surgeon, indicating the relative importance of these facts by brief references to their surgical bearing. The physiology of the parts under discussion has also been touched upon when of surgical import.
-Landmarks And Surface Markings Of The Human Body | by Louis Bathe Rawling
A complete listing of features, Landmarks And Surface Markings is presented in this book with relevant images and depictions for easy reference. These images are also marked and numbered.
-Nerves Of The Human Body | by Charles R. Whittaker
In this new edition of the late Professor Hughes's Handbook on the Nerves of the Body, the letterpress has been rewritten and enlarged, while new blocks have been made from the plates of the original edition.
-Wonders Of The Human Body | by Auguste Le Pileur
While sufficiently minute in anatomical and physiological details to satisfy those who desire to go deeper into such studies than many may deem necessary, this work is nevertheless written so that it may form part of the domestic library

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