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History Books

Books covering Historical Events and Personalities, from the Medieval Ages to the history of the first flights through the various wars of the 20th century. Also included are history books on magic and witchcraft, accounts from "the Newe Worlde called America" and travel stories of brave sailors crossing oceans into the unknown. Get great history information here!

-Ceylon | by Alfred Clark
Ceylon is a pear-shaped island, a little smaller than Ireland, in the Indian Ocean, between six and ten degrees north of the Equator. From its position with reference to the mainland, it has been called by Eastern poets " the Pearl-Drop on the Brow of India".
-Elizabethan Sea Dogs | by Gerhard R. Lomer and Charles W. Jefferys
Citizen, colonist, pioneer! These three words carry the history of the United States back to its earliest form in 'the Newe Worlde called America.' But who prepared the way for the pioneers from the Old World and what ensured their safety in the New? The title of the present volume, Elizabethan Sea-Dogs, gives the only answer. It was during the reign of Elizabeth, the last of the Tudor sovereigns of England, that Englishmen won the command of the sea under the consummate leadership of Sir Francis Drake, the first of modern admirals.
-Magic And Witchcraft | by George Moir
Contains details and records of history of magic and witchcraft. All the facts included are also properly referenced and elaborately expressed.
-Medieval Medicine | by James J. Walsh
"Medieval Medicine" is the story of the medical sciences in the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages are usually assumed to begin with the deposition of Romulus Augustulus, 476, and end with the fall of Constantinople, 1453. In this little volume, then, we have to outline the history of human efforts to prevent and treat the ills of mankind for nearly one thousand years. Until recently, it has been the custom to believe that there was so little of genuine interest in anything like the scientific care of ailing human beings during these centuries, that even a volume of this kind might seem large for the tale of it. Now we know how, much these men of the Middle Ages, for so long called the 4i Dark Ages," were interested in every phase of human progress. They created a great art and literature, and above all a magnificent architecture. We have been cultivating the knowledge of these for several generations, and it would indeed be a surprise to find that the men who made such surpassing achievements in all the other lines of human effort should have failed only in medicine.
-Smoked Glass | by Orpheus C. Kerr
Contains few letters of historical importance.
-Stories Of Old Sydney | by Charles H. Bertie
Contains few Stories and Pictures of Old Sydney, Australia

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