These syrups are used in preparing cold drinks very easily. Take some fragments of ice in a rather big-sized glass, add a table-spoonful of any of the syrups, fill the glass with water and it is an excellent cold drink. It tastes better if a little diluted curd is added.

Boil 1 chhatak of lemon skin in 9 chhataks of lemon juice on mild heat and throw them away when they are fully boiled. Now add 1 seer of sugar. Boil a few minutes more after the sugar is dissolved and take down when a little gluey. Strain the syrup through a fine strainer and bottle it.


Prepare any quantity of concentrated syrup of sugar and mix 1/2 powa of tincture orange with every seer of the syrup.


Boil 1 chhatak of rose petals in 2 1/2 powas of water. Throw away the petals when they are fully boiled and add 1 seer of sugar. Take down when the syrup is prepared.