Boil 2 seers of milk. Add a table spoonful of suga when half reduced. Stir the more carefully and vigorously the more it is thick. Take down when the milk becomes a stiff paste. Scrape together the paste that sticks to the sides of the pan and beat thoroughly to a fine muddy one. Prepare finger-like round and long forms stuffed with a few seeds of cardamom and fry in plenty of ghee till reddish brown.

Kheer Of Tal

Skin a sweet and ripe tal fruit and separate the seeds. Beat each a little with the hands and rub against a sieve or a small basket of bamboo or iron placing a plate beneath it. The pulp of the fruit will be collected on the plate. The pulp may be used now as it is but it tastes better if it is mixed with a little water and held high in a bag of linen till the whole of the water is drained off in drops.

Heat 1 seer of milk on very mild heat till it is reduced to 3 powas when add 1/2 seer of the pulp and stir constantly. Take down when the mass is thick and gluey after mixing with raisins, pieces of almonds and pistachios, powders of cardamoms and aniseeds 1/2 tola each and very little camphor. Serve when cool with bread.

Kheer Of Grapes

Wash 1 seer of grapes, remove the stems and boil with a little water. Then crush them with the hands in the water bringing out the juice. Throw away the skins and seeds. Heat the juice. Add 1 powa of sugar when it boils. Add the beated yolks of 3 or 4 eggs when much reduced. Take down when thick and mix with 4 or 5 drops of essence of rose. Serve when cool. It increases strength, intellect and memory.

Kheer Ordinary

Make a paste of 1/2 seer of khowa kheer and drop it into 1 seer of boiling milk. Add 1 1/2 powa of sugar and stir constantly till the mass is fhick when taking down mix with some pasted almonds, some pieces of pistachios and 3 or 4 drops of essence of rose. Serve when cool.

Kheer Joshj

Mix 1/2 powa of fine flour with 1/2 seer of khowa kheer, prepare threads of it as fine as possible rolling it little by little with the hands, adding a little water if necessary, and cut them in pieces of 1 inch in length. Fry them in plenty of ghee. Boil 2 seers of milk till it is reduced to half and then drop the fried pieces into it. Add raisins, pasted almonds and 1 1/4 powa of sugar. Stir at intervals and take down when thick after mixing with cardamom seeds and 3 or 4 drops of essence of rose.


Make a fine paste of 1 seer of hard chhana and mix-thoroughly with 1 chhatak of sabeda. Make slightly elongated balls of it with one cardamom seed at the. centre of each. Boil 1/2 seer of ghee till the bubbles die-out and then fry the balls in it till reddish brown. Then pick them up and keep immersed in a syrup of sugar till saturated with it.

With Kheer

Mix 1/2 chhatak of ghee thoroughly with 5 chhataks of sabeda and make a stiff paste with a little cold water. Mix this again with 1 seer of khowa kheef and make a fine paste with the hands. Then proceed exactly in the same way as before.

Kheer Mohan

Make a paste of 1 seer of hard chhana and make balls of it. Stuff each of them with a drop of essence of rose, a pinch of powdered cardamoms and a little khowa kheer and slightly flatten them. Drop them in a boiling syrup sugar. Take them out when they are a little brownish in colour and roll on white sugar crystals. Serve when cool.


Make a paste of 1 seer of hard chhana and mix thoroughly with 1 chhatak of middlings or sabeda, seeds-of a few cardamoms, a tea-spoonful of rose-water and a little milk if necessary to make a mud-like paste. Make round and long finger-like cakes of it and drop them in a boiling syrup of sugar. Pick them out when a little brownish in colour and roll on crystalline sugar.

With Kheer

Make a muddy paste of 1 seer of khowa kheer with milk and 2 or 3 tea-spoonfuls of rose-water and then mix with the seeds of a few cardamoms, a little powdered aniseeds, some pieces of pistachios and very little camphor. Prepare cakes as before and boil in a syrup of sugar on mild heat till hard and well boiled when pick them out and roll on crystalline sugar. Serve when cool.

Kheer With Ornages

Peel half a dozen sweet and ripe oranges and further skin them separating the grains. Squeeze the grains in a bag of linen bringing out the juice. Boil 1 seer of milk till it is reduced to 1 1/2 powa when mix with the juice of the oranges, some pasted almonds and 1/2 powa of sugar. Take down when thick and mix with 2 drops of essence of rose.

Fruits Of Kheer

Mix thoroughly khowa kheer 1/2 seer, sugar 1/2 powa, milk 1 powa, powdered cardamom 1 tola, a pinch of powdered aniseed, ghee 1 chhatak, pasted almonds and pistachios I chhatak each, together, heat the mass and stir till it is a stiff paste. Then take down and scrape together the paste sticking to the sides of the pan. Mix with 2 or 3 drops of essence of rose and beat the mass to a very fine paste. Make balls of it, give them the colour of the fruits to be made and press them in its cast. Fix a clove in the place of the stalk. In the case of mangoes smear the balls also with the juice of mango-scented ginger. In the case of lichies, fry some entire poppy-seed without ghee or oil and then give them a deep red colour. Sprinkle them on the lichies of kheer giving the look of real fruits. The fruits may be decorated with their respective leaves and branches.