Break some boiled and peeled potatoes and mix with salt, a few entire black cumins, powders of chillies, garam-masalla and aniseed.

Mix 1 chhatak ghee and a little salt with half seer of fine flour and prepare a stiff dough with water. Make very small balls of it so that when rolled make discs of diameter 3 to 4 inches. Form hollow cones of these, stuff each with a little spiced potato and close up. Fry in plenty of ghee. Small pieces of meat fried with spices may be substituted for potatoes.

Banana Cakes


Flour 1 1/2 powa, bananas 1 powa, milk 1 powa, sugar 1/2 powa, cardamom seeds and a little ghee or oil.

Mix thoroughly flour or powdered rice, ripe bananas, milk, sugar and a pinch of powdered cardamom seeds to a thick paste. Heat a little ghee or oil in a round bottomed pan, add 2 or 3 table-spoonfuls of the paste and cover the pan up completely. Remove the cakes when they are solid and boiled after about 1 or 1 1/2 minutes. Continue in this way.

Moog Samli Or Moog Pitha

Make a preparation of scraped cocoa-nut kernel and sugar as in Chandrapuli (see later).

Keep some pulses of moog under water for 2 hours. Then fry them with ghee and make a stiff paste of them without water. Make medium balls of it, press a little-flat, stuff each with a little of the above preparation and-make balls again. Fry them in plenty of ghee.


Keep some husked pulses of kalai under water for 2 hours and make a paste of them. Add powdered rice ua to half the quantity of pulses. Scraped and pasted kernel of cocoa-nut may be added if desired up to half the quantity of pulses. Add salt and make a thick solution water. Heat a frying pan, smear with a little ghee and pour in two table-spoonfuls of the paste at a time. Spread it in a thin circle with a small thin rectangular -elate of iron. Bake the other side when it is hard enough to be turned.


Make a paste of khowa kheer, the kernel of a half ripe cocoa-nut, almonds and, pistachios in any quantity and mix with the necessary amount of sugar. Fry it with a little ghee on mild heat. Add 2 or 3 drops of essence of rose when sticky and take down.

Make a thick solution of flour or a paste of moistened pulses of kalai, sugar and milk. Heat a frying pan, smear with a little ghee and add two table-spoonfuls of the flour solution. Tilt the pan spreading it in a thin circle. When sufficiently baked put a little of the preparation of kheer shaped like a cigar at one - end and roll the disc around it. Fry a little with ghee and take down. Continue in this way.


Tal fruits may taste bitter though rarely. Mix the pulp of a ripe sweet tal fruit with salt and powdered rice or fine flour so that the mass becomes a thick paste. Chopped almonds and drops of essence of rose may be added now. Heat a round bottomed pan with a little ghee or oil, add a table-spoonful of the paste and bake till it is solid. Bake the other side also.

Another Variety

Mix sugar and powdered rice with the pulp of a ripe tal fruit so that the paste is just stiff to be made a big ball. Press the ball flat and cover it all round with a few layers of banana leaves. Burn it on mild heat till well boiled. Remove the burnt leaves when cold and serve.