Aska Pitha

Make a thick paste of powdered rice, salt and some scraped kernel of cocoa-nut, if desired, with water. Heat an earthen frying pot, smear with a little oil, add a small tea-cupful of the paste and cover up. A little later the cake will smell. Take out when properly boiled. The heat should be mild.

Tawa Puri

Make a paste of 1/2 powa of almonds and 1/2 powa of pistachios and mix thoroughly with I powa powdered sugar candy and 1 tola of powdered cardamoms.

Mix thoroughly 1/2 seer of fine flour, 1/2 seer of besam of grams and 1 chhatak of ghee, and knead to a stiff paste with water. Make balls, stuff them with the above preparation, press into round thin dies and fry in plenty of ghee like Luchi.

Badshahi Roti

Half boil 1 1/2 powa of husked pulses of kalai and fry them with ghee. Bind them with a clean piece of linen and boil in steam above boiling water in a pot with the lid on. Make a paste of them when they are soft and mix with curd 1/2 powa, pasted ginger 1/2 chhatak, powdered garam-masalla 1/4 tola, a little powdered pepper and salt. Again boil a little in steam as before.

Mix 1 chhatak of ghee with 1 seer of flour and make a stiff paste with water. Make medium balls, stuff them with the spiced paste of pulses, roll into discs of medium thickness and fry both sides of each on mild heat sprinkling ghee little by little. Take down when browned.

Dai Bara

Grind some moistened pulses of kalai to a paste. Add salt and beat thoroughly. Prepare cakes of it and fry in ghee or oil till brown.

Boil a little ghee with a few mustard seeds and add some curd. Stir and take down. Keep the fried baras immersed in the curd for several hours, and then serve.


Boil 3 powas of husked pulses of moog, peas or grams till saturated with water. Grind them to a paste, mix with 1 powa of fine besam and beat till the mass is sticky. Then mix with entire aniseeds, black cumin and powdered pepper. Make balls of it and roll into thin discs. Fry in enough ghee or oil. Raw discs of pampar can also be bought from the market.

Jhuri Bhaja

Prepare a thick solution of besam and water, add salt and powdered chillies, and beat thoroughly. Then drop it on boiling oil or ghee through a finely perforated ladle and fry till brown.


Keep some husked pulses of grams under water for 2 or 3 hours. Then fry the moistened pulses with salt and powdered chillies with sufficient ghee or oil on gentle heat, stirring all the while, till they are brittle to eat.


Moisten 1 powa of husked pulses of grams for about 6 hours and grind them to a paste. Add a handful of pulses of grams, some chopped onions, salt and minced green chillies, and beat thoroughly. Form small flat cakes and fry in plenty of boiling ghee or oil.

Solid Curd

Boil milk till it is reduced to half. Pour it in an earthen, stone or porcelain pot. Add sugar and a little sour curd when slightly warm and mix up. Place the pot on another containing hot water. The milk will be transformed into solid curd in about twelve hours if kept undisturbed.