Peas, husked and broken in two, 1 seer, ghee 1/2 powa, ginger 2 tolas, cumin 1 tola, coriander 2-tolas, salt 1/2 chhatak, pepper 1/2 tola, garam-masalla 1/2 tola, water 2 seers, a few cassia leaves.


Make a paste of the ginger, cumin, coriander and pepper and dilute it in the water with salt. Brown the dal in half of the ghee and pour in the spiced water. Take down when the dal are thoroughly boiled.

Heat the remaining ghee in another pan with the cassia leaves and the powdered garam-masalla. Pour in the boiled dal when the smell of the spices evolves, and stir. Take down when the desired degree of thickness is obtained.

Dal With Vegetables

Pieces of vegetables, such as potatoes, brinjals, gourds, cauliflowers, tender shoots of lau, gourd, etc., and many others may be added to the varieties of dais. The method is quite simple. While seasoning, brown the required spices in ghee or oil along with the pieces of vegetables, and then add the boiled liquid dal. Brinjals do not require much browning. Shoots of lau, gourds, coriander, etc., do not require any browning. They are to be dropped into the boiling dal.

Sour Dal

Sour or acid preparation of dal is cooked with any kind of pulse but specially with masur and moog. Green mangoes, green or ripe tamarinds, olives, amra, am-ada, karamcha, chalta, etc. are generally used. The method, of cooking is quite simple. Ghee or spices are not to be used. Boil dal with turmeric and salt as usual. Heat some oil and slightly brown the pieces of the sour things, peeled and thrashed where necessary, in it. Then pour in the boiled liquid dal and stir. Boil it for a few minutes-and take down. Sugar may be added if desired.