Vegetables Boiled In Rice

Most of the vegetables, e. g., potato, brinjal, patol, "Uch-chhe, karala, beans, mun, sweet potato, sweet gourd, -green banana, lady's fingers, seeds of jack fruit, radish, carrot, cauliflower, olkochu, jhinga, and many others, and -eggs taste better when boiled in rice than when boiled in water. They are to be washed clean, peeled and cut in suitable pieces, where necessary, before boiling. If need "be they should be tied in a clean piece of cloth. Unpeeled entire ones taste better and are more health-giving. Therefore it is better to peel the potatoes after boiling. .Mun, ol and olkochu must, however, be peeled before "toiling, otherwise the irritability is increased.

Take the boiled things out of the rice with a spoon. "Squeeze and rub them into a smooth paste separately. Add' some salt, mustard oil, and a few fragmented pieces oF green chillies, if liked, and mix thoroughly. These can be taken together with rice. Mun, ol and olkochu should be mixed with powdered mustard and a few drops of lemon, if irritability be suspected. If vegetables are to be boiled with rice some extra amount of water will be necessary than, usual.

Cabbage And Cauliflower

Take only the interior tender portion of the cabbage-and tie it in a clean piece of cloth. As it takes only a short time to be boiled drop it into the boiling rice only a few minutes before taking down from the oven. Treat the boiled cabbage as before with salt, mustard oil, and powdered mustard if desired.- The same is-the tnethod with cauliflowers.

Moog Dal

Moog dal, after washing them thoroughly, should be-tied very loosely in a piece of clean cloth as they increase four or five times in volume when boiled. Then the bundle should be dropped into the rice when the latter start boiling Mix salt and mustard oil with the boiled moog dal, pressed to a paste, before eating.

Chhola, Khesari And Peas

Wash cleanly and keep any of the dals moist under water for about two hours. Grind them into a paste when ; they are soaked with water and tie the paste loosely in a piece of cloth. Drop it into the rice when the latter start boiling. Mix salt and mustard oil as before.

Tender Shoots Of Lau (Pumpkin)

Green tender ends of lau plant with leaves, tied together with a thread, may be boiled in rice and taken in a paste condition with salt and mustard oil. They taste better if a little pasted posta ( poppy-seed ) is added. Posta are to be pasted after keeping them moistened in water for some time.

Other green vegetables may be boiled similarly.

The spices to be mixed with the boiled vegetables may be varied according to taste. The vegetarians hold that ghee, preparations from milk and vegetables boiled in rice have enough body building elements in them. In fact, these simple preparations, being not too rich in spices, do not tax the stomach. Too much spices should not be taken as they decrease the digestive capacity.

Polao Or Spiced Rice

Simple Ghee Bhat ( boiled rice ) Wash thoroughly any quantity of Peshwari or Dadkhani rice and dry them in the sun. Then fry the rice slightly with the necessary quantity of ghee in a pan and add the fried rice in a sufficient quantity of boiling water. When the rice are well boiled and at the same time tough enough, decant off the extra water. Again heat a sufficient quantity of ghee in a pan and fry in it a little pasted' turmeric and some cassia leaves, cloves, small cardamoms, cinnamons, pistachios, almonds and raisins, all entire. Pistachios and almonds should be peeled, and cut into-pieces if desired, after moistening them in water for sometime. Then pour down the boiled rice over it, add salt and stir the mass for a few minutes. Then take it dowra from the oven. Ghee bhat is now ready.