Karola Or Uch-Chhe

Cut the karolas in thin slices and rub powdered turmeric and a little salt. Heat some oil in a pan till the foams die out. Then add the slices a few at a time so that they may remain merged in oil. Brown the other side by turning the slices over with any flat utensil like the wrong end of a spoon when one side is browned. The heat should be slow, or the slices will parch in the surface while the interior will remain uncooked, especially if the slices are thick. Slices of karolas may be first boiled in water and then fried. This will make them soft and not crisp.

Neem Leaves

Fry tender neem leaves in boiling oil as before with salt. If you like you may add pieces of brinjals after a time and fry along with them. Tender leaves are available and should be taken during the change of season after winter, when small-pox breaks out in an epidemic form, as they are preventive of the malady.

Mun Or Ol (Arum)

Peel the arum thickly and cut in big pieces. Dry them in the sun and boil in a solution of tamarind or other acidic substance so that the)' may not irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat due to the presence of the microscopic needle-like crystals called raphides in them. Then smear the boiled pieces with ground turmeric and salt, and fry in boiling oil. '

Mira Chach-Chari

A tasteful preparation is made of the peelings of potato, sweet gourd, jhinga, green banana, tender pumpkin, etc., and is generally taken with fried rice. Cut them in small pieces, wash thoroughly, and boil in water. Drain the water, which contains vitamin, in a cup when the peelings are boiled. Fry them with oil. Then add the water in which they were boiled with salt, ground turmeric, red chillies, and mustard or cumin Stir and take down when no soup is left.


Cut the two ends and peel off the hard fibres from the two edges, if there are any. Boil in saline water, smear -ground turmeric, and fry with oil.


Cut a few tender brinjals in very big pieces, smear salt and ground turmeric, and fry in oil.

Or, cut the brinjals in thin slices, dip them in a thick solution of pulse-meal (besam) thoroughly beaten, with salt some poppy-seeds, a few black-cumin and aniseeds, all entire, and fry them in plenty of boiling oil or ghee till brown. Pieces of sweet gourd, potato, patol, etc. may be fried in the same way. Eat while hot.


Cut them in medium pieces, wash and boil in water, mear ground turmeric and salt, and fry them in oil.

Or, dip them, boiled or not, in a thick solution of esam as before, and fry in oil to crispness. Serve while hot.

Cocoa Nut

Break the stone of a ripe cocoa nut and bring out the kernel with a knife. Remove the brown skin of the kernel and cut it in small pieces. Smear ground turmeric and salt, and brown them in oil.


Peel and cut into two halves a well developed cucumber. Remove the seeds and cut into slices. Smear with ground turmeric and salt, fry in oil. Sprinkle water from time to time to make them soft.

Fried Dal Or Dhonka

Pulses of grams, peas and khesari are particularly suited for this purpose. Keep them moistened under water for a few hours. Grind them to a paste. Mix salt and bind it in a clean piece of cloth. Drop it in boiling rice or boiling water. Remove it when boiling is complete. Mix some entire aniseeds and black cumin, and press it into a flat disc half inch thick. Cut into small pieces and fry them in ghee or oil.

Flowers Of Sweet Gourd

Remove the stalks and sepals of the flowers. Dip them in a thick solution of pulse-meal or rice-flower mixed with a little salt and some black-cumin. Fry them one by one or a few at a time in excess of oil.

Potatoes And Onions

Peel and chop some potatoes and onions in thin pieces and fry them in oil with salt. They will be crisp. Sprinke water several times when they are turning brown if softness is desired.

Or, mix ground turmeric, salt and a few minced green chillies with the chopped vegetables and fry them in oil. Stir the vegetables so that they may brown uniformly.

Potatoes and onions can be fried separately in the same manner.

Sweet Potatoes

Peel and cut into thin slices, and fry with salt as usual in oil.

Turnip And Carrot

Peel, slice and boil them in water mixed with ground turmeric and salt. Then fry the boiled pieces in ghee or oil or dip them in a thick solution of pulse-meal or beaten contents of eggs, with salt, and fry in excess of oil. Slices of sweet green chillies; melons, etc., may be fried in a similar way without previous boiling.