With Palta

"Bara" is a general name for fried preparations in the form of small cakes. Make a paste of some moistened pulse of khesari or peas with some palta leaves. Mix salt and beat. Form cakes of it and fry. They will taste very bitter if too many leaves are used. Alternatively, dip the leaves in a very thick solution of pulse-meal with salt and fry to crispness in plenty of oil. They are very tasteful to one suffering from loss of appetite.

With Ol Or Mun

Peel and dry them in the sun for 2 or 3 days. Boil in water with a little lemon juice and grind them to a paste. Add powdered red chillies, aniseeds, salt and powdered rice or flour, beat thoroughly, form into cakes and fry.

With Brinjals

Boil a few tender brinjals in water or in rice, remove the stalks and peel. Mix with minced green chillies, onions, salt and rice-flour and beat. Form into cakes and fry in oil.

With Chhana

Drain off the water from the chhana by pre-sure. Mix powdered turmeric, salt and a little flour, form into cakes and fry. If some pasted pulses of khesari are mixed instead of flour and thoroughly beaten, the cakes will swell and be very crisp.

With Cocoa Nut

Break the stone of a ripe cocoa-nut and scrape out the kernel with a toothed iron grater. Grind them again into a paste. Add powdered turmeric, salt, a few entire black-cumin and aniseed. Mix thoroughly. Form cakes of the paste and fry.

With Dal

Wash and keep some pulse of khesari, peas or grams under water for a few hours. Then grind the moistened pulse into a paste with red chillies and onions. Add entire aniseed, salt, and powdered turmeric. Beat well, form cakes of it and fry in plenty of oil.

With Kancha Til

Wash and keep them under water for a while. Grind into a paste. Add either powdered rice or flour or pulse-meal, and salt and entire aniseed. Beat thoroughly, form into cakes and fry. The black skin may be removed by drying them after they are moistened and then rubbing them with the hands. Then proceed as before with the husked sesames.

With Onions

Make a paste of pulse-meal, salt and ground red chillies. Add some onions chopped into fine pieces and beat thoroughly. Form cakes and fry them in plenty of oil.

With Potatoes

Boil the potatoes and then peel them. Rub them into a paste and mix powdered pepper, red chillies and salt. Powdered turmeric also may be used. Form thin cakes and dip them into a thick solution of besam with salt or into the contents of eggs beaten with salt, and fry them in plenty of oil. Or slice the boiled potatoes and dip them into either of the two and fry them similarly. Slices of gourd, brinjal, patol, etc., without boiling, may be dipped and fried similarly. Or slice the boiled potatoes into thin discs, smear salt and turmeric, and fry in a little oil.

Or heat some ghee with a few red chillies and brown a little in it pieces of some raw potatoes. Then add powdered pepper, turmeric and salt. Stir a little and add water. Add a little more ghee when the water dries Up, stir for a while and take down. This is called alu chach-chari.

With Sweet Potatoes

Boil them in water, peel and rub into a paste Add some powdered rice or flour, salt, sugar and powdered black-cumin and aniseed, and mix thoroughly. Form cakes and fry in oil. A little khowa kheer mixed with sugar may be put inside each cake.

Fried cakes can be made similarly with many other vegetables. Any of them may be attempted along the lines already explained, and variations in the combination of spices may be tried to suit the taste.