English Curry With Crabs

Shell a few crabs and keep their fleshes aside for a while after mixing with salt. Keep the brains in a pot and thoroughly clean the shells. Cut the fleshes in small pieces and fry them in butter with slices of onions, ginger-juice, lemon-juice, powdered pepper, salt and the brains. Add a little water and take down when boiled. Stuff the shells with this mass, bread crumbs and butter, and apply heat under the shells for some time.

Curry With Crabs And Pumpkin

Shell a few crabs of big size, cut their fleshes in pieces and thrash their edible legs. Rub them with powdered' turmeric and salt, and fry in oil.

Peel and chop a very tender pumpkin into very fine pieces. Fry them with the brains of the crabs in some oil. Add salt, and water will come out of the vegetable. When this water dries up add a little more water with powdered pepper, cumin, mustard and the fried crabs. After boiling for some time season the curry with some oil boiled with a few cassia leaves, red chillies and panch-foron. Take down when the curry is moderately thick. Fried shrimps may be used instead of crabs.