This preparation is rather costly and laborious, bwt is an excellent curry for a Bengali dish.


One entire fish 1 or 1 1/4 seers, ghee 1 powa, besam 1 powa, garam-masalla 1/2 tola, pepper I tola, coriander 2 tolas, curd 1/2 powa, salt 2 tolas, a few cassia leaves.


Flake the fish and remove the fins and intestines. Wrap with a linen piece and give a coating of clay all over its surface. Burn it with a sand-bath in a pan. Then remove the clay, etc., wash the fish, remove the bones, mix thoroughly with besam and powdered garam-masalla and form small cakes. Heat water in a pan covering its bottom with banana leaves, put the cakes carefully on them and boil till the cakes harden a little. Boil ghee with cassia leaves, cloves and panch-foron and brown the cakes in it. Add salt, water, curd, powdered coriander, pepper. Add almonds and a little flour when boiled. Take down after adding ghee and garam-masalla.

Alternative Method

Scorch the shrimps on charcoal fire. Then scale them and wash. Smear them with minced green chillies, onions, mustard oil and salt, then serve.