Scale some lobsters, wash, rub with salt and powdered turmeric, and fry. Make a paste of them on a curry-stone. Mix ginger-paste and again fry with some browned pieces of onions. Then mix powdered garam-masalla, pepper and lemon-juice with them. Pieces of other big fishes may be used, only the bones are to be removed. Minced meat may also be substituted but it must be boiled first.

Remove the soft skin off some patois by rubbing with a knife, cut one of their ends, and remove the seeds with a pin. Stuff them with the pasted spiced fish or meat and close the ends with a little flour-paste or stitch them up. Dip them into eggs beaten with a little besam, riee-flour, cream of milk and salt, and fry to crispness in plenty of ghee.

Dolma of Karolas may be made in the same way, only their skins are to be completely removed and they should be fried before stuffing. Boiled and fried entire pulses of grams and fried and powdered chillies, coriander and cumin are to be mixed with the powdered and fried fishes along with the other spices.