Boiled Fish

Rub powdered turmeric and salt on pieces of fish and boil in the minimum quantity of water. Remove the bones and mix to a paste with powdered mustard, mustard oil and a little more salt, if necessary. Serve with sliced onions.


Remove the bones from pieces of boiled fish and mix with a third of its quantity of boiled and minced potatoes, adequate quantities of salt, powdered almonds, pepper, butter and eggs Beat thoroughly. Form cakes, roll on bread crumbs and fry with butter. Serve with lemon-juice.

Fish Curry With Cocoa Nut

Make a paste of the kernel of a ripe cocoa-nut, add hot water and strain out the vegetable milk. Fry pieces of fish in oil. Then fry some pieces of onions, a few pieces of garlic and red chillies with ghee, and add the milk of cocoa-nut with fried pieces of fish and pasted almonds. Add vinegar, pasted ginger, pepper and salt. Take down when the soup is thick.

Or, mix the pieces of fish with powdered turmeric, egg and bread crumbs, fry in ghee and boil with milk of cocoa-nut. Add salt, pasted ginger and pepper. Make the soup thick.

Scorched Fish

Fishes with scales and particularly shol fishes are best suited for scorching. Remove the scales, wash and scorch them equally on both sides till they are soft. Remove the black crusts and the bones Mix them with chopped onions, green chillies, mustard oil and salt, and serve.


Flake a fish of medium size, remove its intestines and wash. Wrap it up with a clean linen piece, coat with fine mud and burn on fire to a brown colour. Remove the earth and the linen piece carefully. Remove the bones, mix with ginger, cumin, pepper, chillies, cardamom, pasted or powdered, a little flour, salt and ginger-juice, and fry with ghee.

Fish Paturi

Rub some thick pieces of a fish weighing 1 or 2 seers with powdered turmeric, mustard, salt, enough chillies and mustard oil. Arrange them in one layer on a piece of banana leaf smeared with mustard oil, cover with another and bind with a thread. Heat it in a frying pan on charcoal fire and turn it over when one side is cooked. Use plenty of oil.

Fish With Eggs

Mix salt 1 tola, a table-spoonful of oil, powdered mustard and pepper I tola each, a pinch of sugar, vinegar I chhatak with the yolks of a few boiled eggs and then mix it with 1/2 seer of boiled fish after removing the bones. 6

Form rectangular blocks of it 1/2 inch thick, dip them into beaten eggs and fry in ghee.


Boil pieces of fish and remove the bones. Add salt, powdered pepper, minced onions, boiled and pasted potatoes equal in quantity with the fish, and eggs. Mix them to a thick paste. Spread it on a plane with a uniform thickness of 1/2 inch. Cut it in small squares and fry with ghee.


Remove the bones from boiled pieces of fish. Mince an equal quantity of boiled potatoes. Mix salt, pepper, cumin, ginger and garam-masalla, all powdered, with both of them separately. Knead the fish and make thin circular discs of it. Arrange the discs of fish and potatoes in alternate layers in a baking pan with some butter in it and bake on very mild heat with the lid on. Fried onions add zest to their taste.