Pulses of both grams and moog are prepared with fishes. Big sized shrimps and fishes of the higher classes are used for this purpose. Shrimps are to be prepared keeping the scales on the heads and fried in oil. Pieces of big fish and its head, entire or divided, preferably that of Rohit, Katla or Bhetki fish, are also to be fried and the head is to be broken in small fragments. Salt and powdered turmeric are to be smeared on the pieces before frying.

Wash fried moog-dal or chhola-dal and boil with water. Chhola-dal may be fried a little before boiling. Add cumin 1 1/2 tola, pepper I tola, turmeric 1 tola and salt 2 tolas, all powdered, for every seer of raw pulse when they are half-boiled. Then add the fried shrimps or pieces of fish or the broken head with the bones or both fish and head. Stir thoroughly. Then fry a few cassia leaves and red chillies with some ghee and pour these into the boiling dal. Boil till the dal is moderately thick. Add ghee and powdered garam-masalla, and stir before taking down. This is a very tasteful preparation.