Meat 1 seer, rice 1 seer, pine-apple peeled, and cut into medium pieces 1 1/2 seer, lemon juice 1/2 powa, or more if desired, sugar 1/2 seer, ginger 3 tolas, coriander seeds 1 1/2 tolas, black cumin seeds 1 tola, cloves 1/4 tola, cinnamon 1/4 tola, cardamom 1/4 tola, saffron 1/4 tola, salt 4 tolas, ghee 1/2 seer, and water 4 seers.


Make a saturated solution of the sugar and boil the pieces of pine-apple in it with the lemon-juice after seasoning them for about an hour or more with one tola of salt. Then boil the "meat in about 4 seers of water until the latter reduces half, to less than Heat;, about powa of ghee in a pan and season it by frying % tola of black cumin, and then fry the boiled meat in the ghee after separating them from the water, till they are slightly brown and do not stick to one another. Then add the water again and allow the whole thing- to boil. In the meantime heat on another oven about |- powa of ghee in another par) and slightly fry the remaining tola of black-cumin, cloves^ cinnamons and cardamoms, all entire, in it. A few cassia leaves may also be fried. When the flavour of the spices fill your nose, add the rice, washed, dried and smeared with saffron, ginger and coriander seeds, all pasted, and stir till some, of the rice begin to burst. Then add the foiling meat with the water to the rice, add salt and allow the whole thing to boil under cover after stirring it well. About 10 minutes before taking it down from the_ oven add the pieces of pine-apples with the sugar solution. When the water dries up, pour about one powa of hot ghee and stir to render the whole mass non-sticky. Polao is now ready for the dish. Always be careful to add hot water if at any time during the preparation water runs short in the pan. This preparation and also the following ones in this chapter must be made on slow heat.