Rice 1 seer, peeled oranges 1/2 seep, orange juice 1/2 seer, ghee I powa or more, sugar 1/2 powa, cloves 1/16 tola, cinnamon 1/8 tola, cardamom 1/8 tola, almonds 1/2 powa, pistachios 1 chhatak, raisins 1/2 powa, saffron 1/4 tola, milk condensed 1/2 powa, salt 1 tola, water 1 seer.


Fry the raisins, after washing them cleanly, in some ghee, and then fry the pistachios and almonds peeled and cut in pieces. The raisins brown earlier than the almonds and pistachios, so they must be fried separately. Then take 1/2 powa of ghee more and fry the cloves, cinnamons and cardamoms, all entire, in it. When the flavour comes out, add the rice and stir constantly on slow heat till the rice begin to be fried. Now add the orange juice and hot water little by little along with salt and saffron, and allow the mass to boil under cover. When the rice are half-boiled add the fried raisins, pistachios, almonds, condensed milk, sugar, peeled oranges and 1/2 powa of hot ghee. Stir the mass and allow it to simmer under closed cover on slow heat. Take down when the rice are completely boiled and the juice in thick.