Mix 1 chhatak of ghee and a pinch of salt with I seer of flour, and knead into a dough with about 1/2 seer of water. Make small balls of if, roll into thin round discs and fry in plenty of ghee till they expand. Fry also the other sides. It takes about half a minute to fry a luchi. They are not at all browned.

Radhaballavi Luchi

Fry some moistened pulses of kalai with powders of aniseed, cumin, turmeric and salt with ghee or oil. Then make a stiff paste of them.

Prepare flour dough as in the preparation of Luchi, make big balls of it, flatten them a little, put some spiced pulse in each and close up again in the form of a ball. Roll them into big dies of moderate thickness and fry in plenty of ghee.

Luchi With Sweet Gourd

Cut a ripe sweet gourd in two, remove the seeds, etc., and close it again as before binding with a thread. Give a very thick coating of mud all round it and burn well on charcoal or wood fire so that the interior portion is made a pulp. Break the fruit when cold, take out the pulp, add salt and prepare a stiff dough with it and flour without adding water. Now proceed as usual with the making of Luchi. Luchi with the pulp of ripe "tal" fruit is prepared in the same way. This pulp is to be boiled a little before use. For preparation of the pulp see Tal-kheer.

Luchi With Khowa Kheer

Make a stiff paste with almonds and pistachios of khowa kheer without adding water. One or two drops of essence of rose may be added. Make very small balls of it and roll them into thin discs.

Prepare a bit bigger discs of flour as in the preparation, of luchi. Place a disc of kheer between two of flour and close the ends of the flour discs. Fry as luchi in plenty of ghee.

Similarly hard chhana from which whey has been removed may be pasted with almonds and pistachios and used as a substitute for kheer in which case it is called Luchi with chhana.