Keep 2 seers of dried paddy out on a cold moist floor for 2 to 3 hours. Then heat a quantity of sands in a pan till they are very hot. Throw a handful of the paddy on the hot sands and stir them. The paddy will burst into khai in half a minute. Remove them immediately, otherwise they will be burned. Fry the whole quantity of paddy in this way and then remove the chaffs. Khai are very tasteful to eat and being very light they are also taken by the sick. They can also be had of from the market.

Boil a syrup of 1 seer of sugar, add 1 seer of fresh khai and stir constantly. When the khai are powdered and mixed up with the syrup add seeds of small cardamoms 1/4- tola, powdered cinnamon 1/4 tola, powdered pepper 1 tola dried and powdered ginger 1 tola and very little camphor. Pasted almonds and pistachios may also be added. Stir till the mass is gluey when taking down mix with 1/2 powa of pure cows' ghee. Make balls when it is yet warm, otherwise they cannot be made into balls. Roll the ball on powdered sugar and serve when cold.