Boil five seers of undiluted milk in two pans and stir for a few minutes. Then make the heat very mild and cease stirring altogether when creams will form. When the creams are quite thick remove one on the other in the other pans Cream will again appear on the milk from which it is removed. Remove this again on the other. Continue in this way 4 or 5 times when remove one fourth of the milk from the pan containing the cream to the other, and again proceed in the same way till the cream is quite thick. Then remove it on a plate and cut in big squares. Boil some pure cows' ghee in another pan with some powdered sugar-candy and a little powdered cardamom seeds. Smear the squares with this spiced ghee and arrange one on another till the desired thickness is reached. Then bake both sides of them for a little while with a little milk. The heat must be very mild, otherwise the cream will melt into ghee.

Krishnagore in Bengal is famous for this delicacy.