Mix thoroughly 1 chhatak of ghee and a little salt with 1 seer of fine flour. Add about 1/2 seer of water and knead to a stiff dough. Rub and beat it continually with the hands for at least half an hour till it is softened to some extent. Make 16 balls of the mass, press each ball with a little ghee to a round flat disc on a polished flat piece of marble and a handy roller of wood. Smear the upper surface with ghee and fold it, again smear with ghee and fold. Press it again with the roller to a triangular form of uniform moderate thickness and fry both sides on mild heat with ghee added little by little till it is crisp and properly browned. Serve while hot.

Dhakai Parota

Prepare the mass as before and make only 4 balls of it. Press each ball to a round disc and fold it twice, smearing ghee at each fold. Repeat the process 10 or 12 times till the disc is very soft. Then fry both sides one after the other with enough ghee on very mild heat till it is crisp and brown. Serve while hot.