Take fine besam of moog 1/2 seer, fine flour 1 powa, sugar 1 powa, middlings 1/2 powa, scraped and pasted cocoa-nut kernel 1/2 powa, entire black sesames 1 chhatak, powdered garam-masalla 1/2 tola and a half pinch of camphor, and mix together. Make a stiff paste with hot water, make balls of it, fry in ghee or oil and keep immersed in a syrup of sugar - for 12 to 24 hours.

Sweets Of Flattened Rice

Wash 1 powa of flattened rice and keep moistened with milk, for 15 or 20 minutes. Take the moistened flattened rice out and make a paste of them with 1/2 seer of hard chhana. Mix with middlings up to 1/2 powa in weight. Make balls of it, stuff them with a mixture of khowa kheer, pieces or a paste of almonds and pistachios, powdered sugar-candy and a few entire seeds of cardamom, form oval cakes, fry in ghee and immerse in a syrup of sugar.

Monoranjan Of Kheer

Heat 1 seer of khowa kheer and 1 1/4 seer of white sugar in a brass pot and stir continuously and vigorously till perfectly blended together when mix with powdered cardamom seeds, pieces of almonds and pistachios and 4 or 5 drops of essence of rose, and take down. Make balls of it and give a flat semi-circular or any other form to them through casts.


Mix thoroughly 1 powa of butter, 1 seer of fine flour, a little powdered cardamoms and very little camphor or essence of rose. Make a stiff paste with water or milk and heat thoroughly. Make balls of it, press them in the middle with a thumb, fry hard in plenty of ghee and keep immersed in a very concentrated syrup of sugar for a few hours.


Mix together fine flour 1 seer, ghee 1 powa, entire black sesames 1/2 chhatak and some entire aniseeds. Make a very stiff paste with as little water as possible. Make balls of it or cut with a knife in cubes, fry hard in plenty of ghee and keep immersed in a very concentrated syrup of sugar till saturated. Then take them out and dry in the air.


Heat 1/2 seer of kheer and 3 chhataks of sugar and stir till the mass is non-sticky when it is to be taken down and mixed with powdered cardamoms 1/2 tola, powdered sugar-candy 1/2 powa and pastes of almonds and pistachios 1/2 chhatak each. Make small balls of it, stuff with minced almonds and pistachios and immerse in a syrup of sugar coloured with saffron.

Golap Jam

Make a paste of 1/2 seer hard chhana and mix thoroughly with 1/2 seer of sabeda ( powdered atap rice ) with a little water if necessary. Make medium balls of it and boil in a syrup of sugar till stiff. Then take them out and smear with dry sugar.


Make a paste of 1 seer of hard chhana and mix with the seeds of a few cardamoms and 4 drops of essence pf rose. One powa of sabeda may also be mixed but rasagolla without sabeda is better to taste. Make balls of it, stuff each with a piece of sugar candy to make them hollow and drop into a boiling syrup of kasir chini. Boil till they are brownish in colour. If a syrup of white sugar is used they will be white and are to be boiled till stiff. Keep them in the syrup till they are served. Eat them up within 3 or 4 days.