Marmalade Of Green Mangoes

Peel some full sized green mangoes and cut them in big pieces. Keep them in lime water for about half an hour. Then wash them with fresh water and keep aside for a little while more after smearing them with salt. Then boil them in water for a few minutes and then drop them in a hot syrup of sugar. Apply mild heat. Take down when the syrup being thick sticks to the sides of the pieces of mangoes. If they are meant for immediate use the pieces need not be kept in lime water. All jams, jellies, pickles, etc. should be preserved in earthen, glass or porcelain jars.

Marmalade Of Pine-Apples

Peel thickly a few not-very-ripe pine-apples, cut in very big pieces and remove the eyes and the central stems. Equal weights of sugar and pieces of pine-apples are necessary.

Cover the bottom of a pan with cassia leaves and a few pieces of cinnamon. Put half the sugar on them and on the sugar put the pieces of pine-apples in a layer. Above all sprinkle the rest of the sugar. Continue to heat the pan on mild heat. The sugar will melt and the pieces of pine-apples will change colour after some heating. Take down when the thick syrup sticks to the sides of the pieces.

Alternative Method

Cut the pine apples in small pieces. Fry a few cassia leaves, cloves, cardamom seeds and a little powdered coriander with a little ghee. Then add the pieces of pine-apples and the sugar. Stir from time to time. Take down and preserve when the syrup is very thick and sticks to the sides of the pieces, Whenever the juice appears to ferment heat the preparation again and preserve afresh.

Marmalade Of Bel Fruits

Remove the shells of a few green bel fruits, cut into thin circular or semicircular pieces, remove the seeds with a pin and keep in water for an hour. Then wash them with plain water, boil in a syrup of sugar till soft,, take them out and serve when cold. If they are to be preserved for a long time, instead of boiling them at once, boil them each day in degrees ranging over 5 or 6 days. It is an excellent medicine for constipation as well as for looseness.

Marmalade Of Ginger

Peel 1 seer of ginger and perforate them all over with an iron pin. Keep them immersed in lime water for 3 days and then wash them with plain water. Boil them with 1 chhatak of pasted leaves of Indian black berry (kala jam) in about 2 seers of water till fully boiled. Wash them 3 or 4 times with plain water and drop them in a boiling syrup of 1 seer of sugar. Mix powders of cardamoms, cinnamon and camphor 1 pinch each and 5 or 6 drops of essence of rose with the mass when the syrup is very thick. Then take down, serve one small piece to each when cold and preserve in bottles.

Marmalade Of White Gourd

Peel a ripe and old white gourd, cut in big pieces, remove the seeds, perforate them a'l over with an iron pin and keep 1 seer of such pieces in cold water for about an hour. Then smear them with I chhatak of sabeda and 1 tola of powdered alum, and boil in water. Then wash them with plain water and drop in a boiling syrup of I seer of sugar. Mix with 1 tola of powdered cardamoms when the syrup becomes very thick. Then take down.

Marmalade Of Myrobalans

Boil I seer of myrobalans with water till quite soft and drop them in a boiling syrup of 1 1/2 seer of sugar. Take down when the syrup is very thick. It is an excellent medicine of dyspepsia.