Wash 2 seer of ripe plums, rub with a cloth to soak the water, remove the stalks and crack each of them a little. Mix with 1/2 powa of salt and dry them in the sun for several days till thoroughly dried. Put the dried plums with pieces of ginger, powders of pepper, mustard and aniseed and 1 1/2 powa or 1/2 seer of mustard oil in an airtight jar. Shake the jar to mix them thoroughly. Keep it in the sun for 3 weeks.

With Sugar

Remove the stalks from some ripe-plums and dry them in the sun. Boil the dried plums in a thick syrup of sugar till fully boiled and preserve them with the syrup in an airtight jar.

Or remove the stalks from some ripe plums, crack them and dry them in the sun after smearing with salt. Then put them with some broken green chillies in a jar and pour in treacle to cover them. Put the lid on and keep the jar in the sun at intervals.

Mango Soup

Small and tender mangoes which are not yet very sour are required for this purpose. Peel them and cut in small thin pieces throwing away the seeds. Fry a small pinch of mustards and panch-forons with a little oil and pour in 2 1/2 powas of water. Add a paste of 1/2 chhatak of mustard, 1/2 powa of the pieces of mangoes and a generous pinch of salt. Take down when the pieces are boiled. Keep the soup very thin. The soup has a very pleasant taste.


Peel some mature yet green mangoes and cut them in thin long pieces throwing away the seeds if possible.

Mix 1 powa of salt with, 1 seer of such pieces and keep in the sun for a day or two till the pieces are quite soft and some juice is gathered at the bottom. Then drain out the juice and mix the pieces with pasted ginger 1 chhatak, powdered chillies 1/2 chhatak, powdered mustard 3 chhataks, seedless ripe tamarind 1 chhatak and salt I chhatak. Heat 1 powa of mustard oil in an aluminium pan, add the spiced pieces, mix thoroughly and take down. Preserve them when cold in an airtight stone, porcelain, glass or earthen jar. They may be preserved without oil but in that case they must be mixed with double the amount of powdered mustard.

With Sugar

Cut the mangoes in halves and dry them in the sun as before after smearing with salt. Then mix them with powders of chillies and pepper and enough treacle or concentrated syrup of sugar to saturate them. Keep them in an airtight jar and keep the jar in the sun Tor several days.

Amsi Or Amchur

Remove the stalks of some mature yet green mangoes and cut them in four pieces without peeling them. Remove the seeds and smear 1 chhatak of pasted turmeric with 1 seer of the pieces. Wash them after a few hours and again mix 1 powa of salt with them and dry them perfectly in the sun for several days. They can be preserved for about a year. Chatni is prepared of these like that of mangoes after fully boiling them and without adding any more salt.