Soup With Magura Or Singi Fish

It is easily digested and hence a diet for patients. Prepare the fishes, cut in pieces and rub them against a flat stone to remove the skins as much as possible.

Boil water with a few cassia leaves, some entire garam-masalla and a little pasted turmeric. When the scent of the spices will come out add fish, salt and pieces of vege-tables as potatoes, green banana, mun, fig, patol, brinjal. Add a little thin solution of flour after boiling for about 20 minutes. Boil a little more and takedown. Remove the entire spices and serve. The soup must be very thin.

The vegetables and fishes may be browned with ghee or oil before cooking, pasted , pepper, cumin, coriander, etc. may be used and the soup may be seasoned with ghee, chillies, etc., but by so doing the soup is not easily digested though it tastes better.

Alternative Method

This soup is not meant for healthy persons, it is special for patients. Boil the pieces of fish with a little pasted turmeric, a few pieces of onions, ginger and a cassia leaf. Add'salt and a little thin solution of flour after boiling for 20 minutes. Then make a paste of the fishes in the soup, strain out the liquid soup and throw away the spices and fishes. Brown a few pieces of onions, a cassia leaf and some entire garam-masalla in a very little ghee and pour in the soup. Take down before boiling. Remove the spices and serve.

Fish Soup

Any kind of fish may be used. Prepare them and fry in oil. Brown all the vegetables, peeled and cut in big pieces, except brinjals and add water with coriander, cumin, pepper, turmeric, chillies and onions, all pasted together. On boiling add salt, brinjals and fried fishes. Fried bori may be added now. When the vegetables are boiled season the soup with boiling oil with a few cassia leaves, chillies and a pinch of panch-foron browned in it. Keep the soup thin.

Soup With Milk Of Cocoanut

Scrape out the kernel of a ripe cocoa-nut, make a paste of it, add sufficient boiling water and churn. Strain out the milk and throw away the refuse.

Fry the pieces of fish in oil and add the vegetable milk, a little solution of flour and cassia leaves. Add salt when the fishes are boiled. Season the soup with boiling ghee with cardamom seeds, minced ginger, chillies and cloves fried in it.

Tel-Jhol (Soup Rich In Oil)

Brown some big pieces of fish in oil. Again boil sufficient oil in a new pot and add coriander, chillies, turmeric, cumin, pepper and onions, all pasted together, and cassia leaves. Stir for about 5 minutes. Then add a quantity of water, fish and salt. Take down when fishes are boiled and the soup is moderately thick.

Second Variety

Brown some pieces of fish in oil and remove them from the pan. Again boil sufficient -oil, slightly brown pieces of vegetables in it and add coriander, turmeric and chillies, pasted together. Stir for about 5 minutes and add water. On boiling add salt and fish. Season the soup with some boiling oil with cloves and panch-foron fried in it. Boil a little more and take down. Keep the soup thin.

Hilsa Fish Unfried With Soup

Flake a fresh hilsa fish, remove the fins and wash clean -so that it does not require any more washing after being cut in pieces. Smear the pieces with salt, pasted turmeric and enough pasted mustard. Boil water with cassia leaves, green chillies cut in halves and pasted ginger, and add the fish mixed with spices. Take down after properly boiling. Keep thin soup.

Alternative Method

Make - a paste of turmeric, -green chillies and sufficient mustard. Boil oil and fry the pasted spices in it for a couple of minutes and, add water. On boiling add the pieces of fish and salt. Take, down when properly boiled.

A Second Variety

Make a paste of turmeric, chillies and enough mustard. Put it in a deep pot, add salt, vinegar and sufficient mustard oil, and stir. Add a little water if necessary. Add green chillies cut lengthwise if desired. Arrange the pieces of fish in this soup, cover the pot and heat without boiling on mild charcoal-fire for 10 or 12 minutes. This soup is very palatable.