Boil pieces of hilsa, chitol or any other big fish in water with a little powdered turmeric, and remove the bones. Add some besam or rice-flour, a little powdered turmeric, red chillies, ginger, salt and some minced onions, if desired, and beat thoroughly. Form cakes and drop them in boiling oil or ghee after the bubbles die out and the vapour arises. Fry till golden-brown.

Bara With Roes Of Fish

Beat the roes of fishes with some besam, a little powdered turmeric, pepper or chillies, and salt. A little onion-juice or minced onion may be added. Form small balls or flat cakes and fry them in oil.

Bara With Fish And Egg

Boil pieces of fish and remove the bones. Mix boiled and pasted potato about a third of the quantity of fish, proper quantities of powdered pepper, chillies and salt with the boiled fishes. Form cakes, dip into beaten egg-contents, roll on bread crumbs and fry in ghee.