Livers are always to be washed and boiled before cooking. Cut the boiled livers in small cubes. Fry them with minced onions in sufficient butter and add water, salt, powdered cumin and pepper. Add a little flour solution to make the soup thick if it is too thin. Add a little lemon-juice and pasted garam-masalla in the end and take down. Serve with bread.

Alternative Method

Cut potatoes, onions and the boiled livers in slices. Brown the potatoes in ghee. Again heat ghee and fry the onions with powdered (not pasted) pepper, salt, pieces of ginger and green chillies. After a lime add the livers and fry for about 10 minutes. Then add a little water and when it boils add the browned potatoes and salt. Take down when this water dries up. A little more powdered pepper may be added now.

Dopenaji Of Livers

It is to be prepared in the same way as Meat Dopenaji. Only the pieces of livers are to be fried for 10 minutes only and practically no soup should be left.