Meat Dhonka

Prepare meat halua as before, press it flat on a plate, cut in pieces, dip into beaten egg and fry in ghee.

Brown some big pieces of potatoes and add to them onions, ginger, cumin, pepper, turmeric and chillies all pasted together. Stir for a few minutes and add curd or a little asafetida solution. A few minutes later add sufficient water and on boiling add salt and the fried-meat. Finish with garam-masalla. Keep a little very thick soup.

Meat Bharta

Heat enough ghee, fry cassia leaves, cloves and chopped ginger in it and add pieces of meat without bones. Stir till the meat turns reddish brown. Then add salt, pasted coriander, and sufficient water. On softening add pasted poppy seeds, almonds, fried and powdered khowa kheer, curd and sugar. Boil till the soup is very thick. Finish by adding boiling ghee and powdered garam-masalla.

Meat Korma


Meat 1 seer, onions 1 1/4 powa, curd 3/4 powa, ghee 1/4 powa, ginger 1 chhatak, salt 1 1/2 tolas, poppy seeds 1 tola and chillies.


Make a paste of ginger, poppy seeds, chillies and half of the onions. Mix this paste and the curd with big pieces of meat. Chop the other onions.

Heat ghee, slightly brown the chopped onions in it and add the meat. When the water coming out of the meat completely dries up, add a little more water and boil under cover on very mild heat. Take down when, this water dries up.

Meat Dopenaji

Powder cumin, pepper, coriander and chillies all together. Also make a paste of turmeric, onions, ginger and chillies. Cut sirae other onions in slices.

Heat enough ghee, slightly brown the slices of onions in it and then add the pasted spices. Add meat and salt when the spices are fried. Fry the meat to a reddish brown colour for about half an hour adding water little by little. Then add curd and powdered spices. Add water after stirring for a few minutes. Add a little lemon-juice and pasted garam-masalla in the end. Take down when the soup is very thick.

With Almonds, Etc

Make a paste of the almonds, etc., mix it with some milk and condense it if necessary.

Add this milk along with curd and powdered spices.

Fowl Dopenaji


Fowl 1/2 seer, ghee 1/2 powa, onions 1 powa, a few pieces of garlic, salt 1 tola, cassia leaves, turmeric and garam-masalla 1/4 tola each, pepper, cumin and coriander 1/2 tola each.


Cut the fowl in big pieces and mix with salt. Make a paste of all the spices together and mix with 1/2 seer of water. Cut the onions in slices, fry half of them with a little salt and keep aside. Boil ghee and fry a few cloves, cassia leaves and garlic in it, add the other half of onions and brown them slightly. Then add the fowl and stir constantly for about 20 minutes adding the spiced water little by little if necessary. Then add the whole of the spiced water and cover the pan. Take down when no soup is left. Place the fried onions on the fowl.