Fowl Juice

Kill any fowl, domestic or wild, prepare it and cut in big pieces. Chickens are the best for this purpose. Cut a chicken in 4 or 5 pieces. Boil the pieces in about 1 1/2 seer of water with salt, a few pieces of onions, a little-powdered turmeric and pepper under cover. If the juice is to be made thick add a little powdered arrowroot. Take down when the soup is only 1 1/2 powa, and strain it out. Fry a few cassia leaves, cloves and aniseeds in a little ghee, and add the soup. Take down when it boils. Strain the soup out through a clean piece of linen. This soup is given to patients on medical advice. The fowl may be utilised in preparing chops and cutlets.


Mix ghee with flour at the rate of one chhatak to one seer, add water and knead. Mix a little ghee with some besam of grams and fry. Mix together this fried besam, ginger-juice, powders of pepper, cumin, garam-masalla, salt and minced meat and fry with ghee. Form medium balls of the kneaded flour, flatten, stuff with a little meat and make balls again. Press these balls into flat and round discs of moderate thickness and roast them with a little ghee or heat them 2 or 3 at a time in a pan, roast on fire without ghee, and then smear with ghee to make soft. They are called luchis if the discs are made small and thin and are fried in plenty of ghee.


Mix salt, a pinch of sodium bicarbonate, powders of fried pepper, cumin, garam-masalla and coriander withminced meat and fry with ghee, adding a little water if necessary to boil the meat.

Knead some flour into a dough, make small balls of it, flatten, stuff with a little meat and make balls again. Press them into small, round, flat discs of moderate thickness and fry in plenty of ghee. Boiled and pasted green, peas and cauliflowers may be mixed with the meat.

Meat Bread

Prepare a rabbit or hare, cut in big pieces and keep them immersed in saline water for half an hour. Then boil the pieces of salted meat in fresh water. Take out the boiled pieces and remove the bones. Mix them with 2 or 3 eggs, sugar, powdered pepper, ginger-juice, a few drops of lemon-juice, a small quantity of flour, salt and a little water in which meat had been boiled, if necessary. Form rectangular cakes of moderate thickness, cover with white paper and fry with butter on mild heat for about half an hour.

Meat Galantine

Mix thoroughly 1/2 seer of small pieces of meat without bones, 1/2 powa of bread-crumbs and pepper, salt, chopped onions and beaten eggs as required to make a stiff paste. Smear a pudding-bag or a thick piece of cloth with butter and flour respectively. Tie the mass in it and boil for 2 hours. Then keep the mass pressed between two large plates till cold. Remove the cloth when set firmly, cut in suitable pieces, decorate with pieces of parsley or pistachios, and serve.

Meat Dry

Boil pieces of meat without bones in water. Add this juice to besam, powdered,or pasted poppy-seeds, almonds, chillies, garam-masalla, coriander, ginger, turmeric, salt and the white of eggs, and beat thoroughly to a thick paste. Dip the boiled pieces of meat into this paste and-fry in enough boiling ghee.