Mocha Dalna

Chop one or two banana flowers into very fine pieces, boil them and drain off the water. Then mix powdered coriander, red chillies, pepper, cumin, turmeric and salt in adequate quantities with the boiled mass. Boil some ghee or oil with a few cassia leaves and a pinch of cumin, and add pieces of potatoes and a handful of moistened grams. Add the mocha when the potatoes are slightly browned, stir for a few minutes, and pour in water. When it boils add scraped out cocoanut kernel, browned broken bori, a little milk and sugar. Take down after adding powdered garam-masalla.

Mocha Paturi


Chopped mocha 1/2 seer, poppy seed 1 powa, mustard oil 1/2 powa, sesame I chhatak, salt 1 1/2 -tolas, a few green chillies:


Keep the chopped mocha for a couple of hours in water. Then boil them in fresh water and squeeze off the water. Mix pasted poppy seed, oil, entire sesame, salt and pieces of chillies with them. Place this mass in a flat round shape, one inch thick, on 3 or 4 layers of banana leaves and cover it also in the same way. Bind it, place it on a frying pan and apply mild heat alternately on both sides of the cake for about half an hour. Excessive heat will burn the outer surfaces, the interior remaining uncooked, in spite of the several layers of banana leaves which are placed to prevent the burning of the cake. This cake is very palatable.

Potato With Patol

Skin the vegetables very thin and cut the patois in two and the potatoes in big pieces. Brown the pieces of vegetables and some green peas in ghee or oil and then, pour in water with powdered turmeric, coriander, pepper, cumin, red chillies and salt. Cover the pan. Season the curry with ghee boiled with a few cassia leaves and red chillies when the vegetables are boiled. Add powdered garam-masalla and take down when the soup is thick. Pieces of sweet gourd may be used as a substitute for patol and moistened grams for green peas when a pinch of sugar should be added.

Panifal (Water-Chestnut)


Panifal 1 seer, potato 1 1/2 powa, a ripe cocoanut, a handful of grams, bori 1 chhatak, ghee- 1/2 powa, coriander 1 tola, salt 1 tola, turmeric, pepper, cumin and garam-masalla 1/4 tola each, a few cassia leaves, a pinch of sugar, water about 1 powa and a little milk.


Peel the vegetables, cut the potatoes in medium pieces and half the kernel of the cocoanut in small pieces. Slightly brown the panifal, potato, cocoanut and moistened grams in ghee and then add water with powdered turmeric, coriander, pepper, cumin and salt. After a time add browned bori, a little milk and a pinch of sugar. Season the curry when it is boiled with ghee heated with a few cassia leaves and cardamom seeds. Add powdered garam-masalla and take down when the soup is thick.


First rub the hands with a little oil so that the gum-may not stick. Peel the skin thickly off one or two tender green jack-fruits and cut in small pieces throwing away the central stem. Boil them with water. Boil some oil and brown pieces of peeled potatoes ( half the quantity of enchor or more) in it. Then add the boiled enchor and stir for a minute. Add water with powdered coriander, pepper, cumin, turmeric, red chillies and salt in adequate quantities. Add browned bori when it boils and put the lid on. Season the curry with ghee boiled with a few cassia leaves, red chillies and panch-foron. A little milk and sugar may be added. Take down when a little soup remains after adding a little more ghee and powdered garam-masalla.