Peel and chop a few radishes into small pieces and boil them in water. Drain off the water and again wash them with cold water to weaken the disagreeable smell. Now brown the boiled pieces in some oil heated with a few cassia leaves. Then add some til and a little pepper, cumin and coriander, ail powdered, with water and a little milk. When it begins to boil add salt, sugar and browned broken bori, and mix thoroughly. Add some ghee before taking down.

Palang Sak Ghanta

Of all the varieties of vegetables and salads palang sak, specially when on the point of budding, is particularly suited for ghanta. Tender leaves of pumpkin are usually mixed with them to make the curry more tasteful. Chop the sak fine and wash thoroughly. Boil them and drain off the water. Then mix flour, salt and powdered turmeric, pepper, cumin and red chillies in suitable quantities. Boil some fried fishes in water, pick up the bones and add the mixture of flesh and water, if desired.

Boil some ghee with a few cassia leaves and cumin, and add the mass. Stir constantly so that the mass may not be scorched. Add green peas and some pieces of beans, potatoes and brinjals if you like. Add browned broken bori after a while. The curry is ready when the soup is thick and the mass is completely boiled.


It is a bit difficult and requires a little experience to prepare the mocha for cooking. Remove the sepals i.e. the cap-like covers of the undeveloped bunches of bananas as far as possible, other cap-like white substances at the end of each banana and the thin stick-like hard substances in the same position. Then chop the rest throwing away the extreme ends of the bananas and the central stem. When these things can no longer be separated chop the remaining solid white mass.

Chop one or two banana flowers into very fine pieces and keep them in water for a few hours. Then boil them in fresh water and drain the water off. Now add adequate quantities of salt, cumin, coriander, and a little pepper, ginger and turmeric, all pasted or powdered, plus a little milk, sugar and flour. Rub the mass thoroughly. Also mix some browned bori broken in pieces. Season; the mass with a little ;ghee heated with a few cassia leaves, add a little water and boil gently for a few minutes. Mix a little powdered garam-masalla when the soup is scanty, and take down. This is one of the most delicious preparations.

Pea Ghanta


Green peas 1/2 seer, polatoes 1 seer, ghee 1 powa, pepper 1 tola, ginger 2 tolas, salt 2 tolas, coriander 2 tolas, sugar 2 1/2 tolas, flour 1 tola, water 1 seer, a little milk, garam-masalla 1/2 tola, a few cassia leaves.


Brown the peas and pieces of potatoes separately in two thirds of the ghee. Add the pasted pepper, ginger and salt in the water and boil. Then add the peas and potatoes. When well boiled season them with the rest of the ghee heated with a few cassia leaves. Then mix the powdered coriander, sugar and flour with the milk and pour in. Boil for a few minutes more. Finish by adding the powdered garam masalla. This is a very tasteful preparation.

Thor Ghanta

Peel and chop about a foot of the tender solid white stem in the core of a banana plant, called thor, into very fine pieces removing every time the thread-like substances that come out. Mix them thoroughly with salt and turmeric. Wait for an hour or so till water trickles out. Remove the water by squeezing. Boil them and drain off the water. Then the preparation is the same as in the case of mocha-ghanta.