The following menus are suggestive bills of fare for the housewife who is desirous of supplying a wholesome and well balanced dietary. They are based upon the ordinary sized serving and are also planned in conformity to the low-protein idea.

The usual accompaniments of bread, butter, cream for cereals, etc., though not mentioned, are included.

Breakfast Menus

Sliced Pineapple Boiled Rice.

Hashed Brown Potatoes.

Whole Wheat Gems.

Stewed Figs Kaffir or Sassafras Tea.

Baked Eggs in Cream.

Oranges Hominy Potato Cakes Minute Brew.

Toasted White Bread.

Fresh Strawberries Baked Mush—Maple Syrup.

Minced Potato.

Graham Hurry-Ups.

Cherry Sauce Cereal Coffee.

Grape Fruit Toasted Rice Flakes Poached Eggs Currant Gems.

Prune Sauce Yogurt Buttermilk.

Malaga Grapes Shredded Wheat Biscuit Hashed Brown Potatoes Corn Cake.

White Cherry Sauce Minute Brew.

Bananas Cream of Wheat Rice Patties Corn Gems.

Apple Sauce Hot Malted Nuts.

Oranges Bran and Granola Mush Soft Boiled Eggs Coffee Cake.

Steamed Figs Health Cocoa.

Baked Sweet Apples Toasted Corn Flakes Cream Toast.

Toasted Whole Wheat Bread Pear Sauce.

Grape Juice.

Apples Pearl Barley.

Baked Potatoes Toasted Graham Bread.

Red Raspberry Sauce Cereal Coffee.

Grape Fruit Rolled Oats.

Potato and Onion Hash Banana Toast.

Bran Gems Dairy Butter.

Minute Brew.

Dinner Menus

Cream of Vegetable Oyster Soup Protose Steak—Onions or Savory Roast Browned Potatoes Baked Egg Plant.

Turnip Puree Fig Pudding.

Potato Chowder Nut Sausage or Macaroni au Gratin Mashed Sweet Potatoes Fresh Spinach.

Fruit Salad Queen of Puddings.

Lima Bean Soup Walnut Roast—Chili Sauce Creamed Potatoes Buttered Beets.

Radishes Lemon Pie Pecans.

Tomato Bisque Baked Beans Potato Loaf.

Mashed Squash Celery.

Cottage Pudding English Walnuts.

Vegetable Soup—Noodles Baked Nuttolene or Corn Roast Baked Sweet Potatoes Boiled Onions.

Cheese Balls Indian Trifle—Custard Sauce.

Italian Soup.

Macaroni and Kidney Beans Parisian Potatoes.

Egg Plant Cabbage Salad.

Peach Cobbler Pine Nuts.

Cream of Corn Soup Rice a la Carolina Mashed Potatoes.

Buttered Vegetable Oysters Macedoine Salad Cabinet Pudding—Golden Sauce.

Cream of Potato Soup Braized Protose Lima Beans Mashed Turnips.

Combination Green Salad Oranges Filberts.

Cream of Split Pea Soup Macaroni with Tomato Baked Potatoes in Cream.

Buttered Cauliflower Apple and Celery Salad.

Cream of Rice Pudding.

Cream of Bean Soup Cereal Roast Browned Potatoes Green Peas.

Lettuce—French Dressing Vevey Pudding—Whipped Cream.

Supper Menus

Asparagus Tips on Toast Stewed Tomatoes Cottage Cheese.

Prune Fluff.

Creamed Okra on Toast Lettuce Sandwich Apple Sauce Malt Honey.

Date Surprise Cocoanut Sticks.

Spinach on Toast Steamed Rice Strained Honey.

Plum Sauce Baked Custard.

Eseal loped Potatoes String Beans.

Yogurt Cheese Prune Sauce.

Pineapple Bread Dessert.

Date Toast Hominy Egg Sandwich.

Orange Fluff—Sauce.

Green Lima Bean Toast Breaded Tomatoes Pineapple Sauce.

Banana Dessert Cream Crisps.

Egg Timbales.

Granola Fruit Mush Date Sandwich.

Pineapple Tapioca Cocoanut Sticks.

Savora Rice Soup Potato Croquettes Cottage Cheese.

Tomato Sandwich Malaga Grapes.

Vegetable Bouillon Steamed Rice with Creole Sauce Floating Island Fruit Crackers.

Escal loped Eggs Kernel led Corn Pearl Barley with Dates.

Baked Apples—Jelly.