Luncheon Menus

Asparagus Broth Creamed Hominy Apple, Cheese and Nut Salad Fig Tapioca—Whipped Cream.

Cream of Potato Soup Creamed Corn au Gratin Tomato Salad.

Caramel Cornstarch Pudding—Whipped Cream.

Tomato and Celery Soup Potato and Rice Patties Green Peas.

Lettuce—French Dressing Apricot Fluff.

Tomato Bouillon Snowflake Toast Orange Jelly—Whipped Cream English Walnuts.

Cream of Rice Soup Baked Tomato on Toast Cocoanut Blanc Mange Custard Sauce.

Tomato Vermicelli Soup Creamed Potatoes White Cherry Sauce.

Peanut Butter Sandwiches Cream Cake.

Nut and Vegetable Stew Fruit Macedoine Buns White Clover Honey.


Cream of Barley Soup Baked Potatoes Yogurt Cheese Salad.

Pineapple Sauce Cookies.

Green Pea Soup Escalloped Tomatoes Ripe Olives.

Pineapple Cream Dessert Nut Cake.

Cream of Celery Soup Baked Potatoes Head Lettuce—Lemon.

Brown Betty—Hard Sauce.

Special Dinner Menus.

Easter Menu

Cream of Celery Soup Wafers.

Radishes Ripe Olives Salted Almonds.

Apple Fritters Fillet of Nut Meat Potato Puffs Fresh Asparagus Baked Onions.

Waterlily Salad White Bread Graham Bread.

Bran Biscuit Golden Nectar.

Pineapple Gelee Easter Cake.

Mixed Nuts Oranges.

Minute Brew.

Lincoln's Birthday Menu

Tomato Soup Celery Ripe Olives.

Broiled ProtoseMushroom Sauce Baked Potatoes—Savora Cream Sauce Boiled Onions Creamed Egg Plant.

Cherry and Filbert Salad Marmalade Sandwich.

Sweet Cider Log Cabin Pudding—Custard Sauce.

Mixed Nuts Apples Oranges.

Washington's Birthday Menu

Washington Chowder Celery Radishes.

Roast Protose—Cranberry Jelly Baked Sweet Potatoes Buttered Cauliflower Italian Beets Potato Salad White Bread Fruit Bread.

Apple Juice Cherry Pie Layer Cake.

Oranges English Walnuts.

Cereal Co flee.

St. Patricks Day Menu

Cream of Spinach Soup Celery Bread Sticks.

Protose Fillet—Cucumber Jelly Mashed Irish Potatoes Fresh String Beans.

Creamed Corn au Gratin Combination Green Salad Whole Wheat Bread White Bread.

Toasted Rice Biscuit Floating Island Cream Cake.

Almonds Apples.

Minute Brew.

Fourth Of July Menu

Iced Tomato Bouillon—Whipped Cream Nut Meat Loaf—Creole Sauce Savory Potatoes Peas in Cream Fresh Asparagus.

Summer Salad White Bread Rye Bread.

Rice Biscuit Red Raspberry Nectar Yogurt Ice Cream Roxbury Cakes.

Fresh Red Raspberries Brazil Nuts.

Thanksgiving Menu

Cream of Chestnut Soup Celery Radishes Ripe Olives.

Nut Meat Pie Cranberry Sherbet.

Browned Potatoes Mashed Hubbard Squash Fruit Salad a la Cream Nut Buns Graham Bread.

Pumpkin Pie Sanitarium Mince Pie.

Oranges Apples.

Minute Brew.

Christmas Menu

Macedoine of Fruit Saniterrapin Soup—Croutons Celery Radishes Ripe Olives.

Chestnut Pie Normandy Loaf—Cranberry Jelly.

Glazed Sweet Potatoes Creamed Brussels Sprouts.

French Salad Cinnamon Buns White Bread.

Cream Puffs.

Steamed Fruit Pudding Nuts and Raisins.

Minute Brew.

Banquet Menus

Fruit Cocktail Wafers.

Radishes Celery Salted Almonds.

Manhattan Soup Toast Squares.

Pressed Vegetable Meat Stuffed Pptatoes.

Nut Fillet Peas in Turnip Cups.

Asparagus Tips Cherry Nectar Head Lettuce—Mayonnaise Yogurt Cheese.

Celery Sandwich St. James Pudding—Whipped Cream Assorted Fruit Cereal Coffee.

Salpicon of Fruit Tomato Bisque Rice Biscuit.

Radishes Pine Nuts Ripe Olives.

Nut Sausage—Savora Sauce Diced Cucumbers.

Protose Roast—Dressing Potatoes a la Maitre d'Hotel Asparagus Tips on Toast Buns.

Pineapple Sherbet Apple Juice.

Apple and Celery Salad—Wafers French Floating Island Vanilla Cakes Assorted Fruit.

Creamed Cheese on Wafers Minute Brew.