Cornstarch Pudding

3 tablespoons cornstarch 2 tablespoons cold water 1 pint milk.

1 egg.

3 tablespoons sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla.

Mix the cornstarch in cold water and pour into the hot milk. Stir until it thickens, and cook in a double boiler one hour or longer, stirring constantly. Beat the egg, add sugar and pour the hot mixture over it slowly. Return to the double boiler and cook until the egg thickens, stirring constantly. Add the vanilla and pour into molds that have been wet with cold water. This may be made without eggs by using 4 tablespoons cornstarch instead of three. An additional tablespoon of sugar may be used if desired.

Caeamel Coenstaech Pudding

1 tablespoon sugar.

1/4 teaspoon salt.

4 tablespoons cornstarch.

2 tablespoons water.

1 pint milk.

1/2 cup caramel.

To prepare the caramel, melt one-half cup granulated sugar. Stir over the fire until it becomes a rather dark brown but clear color, taking care not to burn. Add one-half cup boiling water slowly and cook until the hardened sugar is dissolved. (Caramel may be bottled up and kept indefinitely, to be used for coloring and flavoring).

Heat the milk with the caramel in a double boiler. Mix sugar, salt and cornstarch and braid with the cold water. Turn the hot milk into the cornstarch, stirring meanwhile, and return to the double boiler and cook 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Turn into molds or into a large dish. Serve with whipped cream or Mock Whipped Cream.

Chocolate Blanc Mange

2 cups milk 1/4 cup sugar.

1/4 cup Health Cocoa 1/4 cup cornstarch.

1/2 teaspoon vanilla.

Blend the cornstarch with an equal amount of milk. Heat the remainder of the milk in a double boiler; add the sugar and cocoa and vanilla. Add the moistened cornstarch, stirring until the milk has thickened. Cook one to two hours in the double boiler. Serve with Custard Sauce.

Cocoanut Blanc Mange

4 tablespoons cornstarch 4 tablespoons sugar.

2 cups milk y2 cup cocoanut.

Moisten the cornstarch with 4 tablespoons of milk. Heat the remainder of the milk with the cocoanut. When the flavor is entirely extracted from the cocoanut, strain it out. Add the sugar and the moistened cornstarch. Stir until thickened, then cook in a double boiler one to two hours. Turn into individual molds wet with cold water or into a shallow, oblong pan and cut into squares. Serve with a fruit sauce or a custard sauce.

Snow Pudding

1 quart milk y2 cup corn starch.

% cup sugar y2 teaspoon salt.

4 egg whites 2 teaspoons vanilla.

Stir the cornstarch smooth with some of the milk. Add the sugar to the remainder of the milk and heat to scalding in a double boiler. Add the braided cornstarch and the salt. Cook 1 to 2 hours. Meanwhile beat the egg whites stiff, then gradually add the hot mixture to them, beating it in thoroughly. Add the vanilla. Pour into molds. When cold, unmold and serve with Raspberry Sauce, or Custard Sauce.