In many homes, meat forms the chief part of the meal, hence housewives in planning a meatless dietary exclaim, " What shall we serve in place of meat?"

The answer to this question involves a knowledge of the chemistry of foods.

Lean meat is pre-eminently a protein food. It contains usually from. 15% to 19% protein, a small amount of mineral matter and a large amount of water.

Many other foods are also rich in this albuminous food constituent. Nuts contain on an average from 20 to 25% protein; legumes contain about 25% protein. Eggs, milk and cheese are also high in this constituent. The above named foods are the chief sources of protein and hence form the basis of so-called " meat substitutes." However, nature has not left man to his own resources in finding this important food principle, but has scattered it broadcast. It is found to some extent in almost all natural food products. Science has discovered that we need much less of this constituent than was formerly supposed, so that the housewife need not concern herself particularly to supply sufficient protein.

One meat substitute or highly protein dish is quite sufficient for one meal, and if milk, eggs, cheese or nuts are used in the preparation of one or more dishes, a special meat substitute will not always be required. A higher dish or entree is often to be preferred for the main dish or piece de resistance.

Nut And Apple Pie

1 pound protose 1/4 cup sugar.

5 cups quartered and cored apples.

Juice 2 lemons Butter a pan or baking dish and place the apples therein. Sprinkle with the sugar and the lemon juice. Bake until they begin to get tender. Slice the protose into half inch slices and cut each slice in halves. Place on top of the apples and cover with plain pastry. Bake in a quick oven until nicely browned.

Nut And Rice Croquettes

1 cup steamed or boiled rice 1/2 pound protose 1/4 cup chopped celery 1 tablespoon tomato.

1 egg.

Grated onion Celery salt Salt.

Mince the protose. Add the celery, strained tomato and beaten egg to the cooked rice. Add the seasonings and shape into croquettes. Bake in a quick oven until nicely browned.

Nut And Vegetable Stew

3 cups diced potatoes 1 1/2 cups diced carrots 1/2 cup diced turnips 1/2 cup diced parsnips.

1/4 cup chopped onion 3 pints water 1 teaspoon salt 1-pound can protose.

1/2-pound can nuttolene.

Clean, scrape and dice the vegetables. Cook in 3 pints water until tender. Then add diced protose and nuttolene. Serve when well heated through.

Rice A La Carolina

1 medium sized potato 6 tablespoons butter.

1 tablespoon grated onion (or 1 teaspoon onion salt)

1 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon sage 1/2 pound protose 1/2 cup rice.

1 1/2 quarts water.

1 1/2 cup tomato condensed to 1/2 cup.

2 hard boiled egg yolks 1/4 cup cream.

Peel and cut the potato into long narrow strips or dices. Boil until tender, but not quite dry. Add the onion, salt, sage, and 2 tablespoons butter. Put the potatoes in the "bottom of a baking dish; then spread a layer of the protose diced. Boil the rice in 1 1/2 quarts water for 20 minutes, drain, then set in the oven for 5 minutes. When dry, add the condensed tomato and 4 tablespoons of butter, and spread the rice over the layer of protose. Put the egg yolks through a colander, and sprinkle over the top of the rice. Moisten the top with the cream, and bake in a quick oven.

Nut Patties

1 pound can protose 1 pound can nuttolene.

1 tablespoon grated onion 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

Remove the nuttolene and the protose from the cans and mash together with a fork. Mix with the lemon juice and the grated onion, and form into little round cakes or patties. Place in an oiled pan and bake until nicely browned. Serve plain or with Tomato Sauce, Chili Sauce, or any preferred dressing.

Nut Chops

2 tablespoons peanut butter 6 tablespoons cream.

1 egg and cracker crumbs 6 slices bread.

Trim all crusts off the bread; spread the bread with peanut butter, cut into three oblong pieces; beat the egg and add the cream. Dip the bread into the egg and cream, then into cracker crumbs. Place in an oiled pan and bake in a hot oven until brown.