Broiled Nuttolene

Remove the end of a can of nuttolene so the contents will come out whole. Cut nuttolene into 1/2 inch slices the round way, then cut each slice into halves. Serve a spoonful of Brown, Chili, Cranberry, Piquant or any preferred sauce with each slice.

Nuttolene With Mint Sauce

1-pound can nuttolene 1 heaping teaspoon spearmint.

1 cup water.

1/3 Cup sugar.

1/3 Cup lemon juice.

Steep the mint for about 10 minutes in 1/2 cup boiling water. To 1/2 cup of water add the sugar and boil for a few minutes. Add the strained lemon juice and the strained liquid from the mint.

Serve with sliced nuttolene, either hot or cold. If served hot, broil the sliced nuttolene until nicely browned, and serve with the hot mint sauce.

Nuttolene Cutlets

Prepare the same as Nut Cutlets, using Nuttolene instead of Protose.