Creamed Carrots

3 cups diced, cooked carrots 1 cup White Sauce.

To prepare the carrots select two large or three medium sized carrots, wash and scrape and drop at once into cold water to prevent discoloration. Cut into half-inch cubes, or if preferred, cut lengthwise into quarters, and then into one-inch pieces. Steam or cook in boiling, salted water one to two hours, or until tender. Prepare White Sauce or Cream Sauce. Drain the carrots and add the sauce; reheat and serve.

Carrots With Green Peas

1 1/2 pints diced carrots 1 can peas.

1 pint Sauce for Vegetables.

Prepare the carrots same as for Creamed Carrots. Cook in boiling water until tender, adding salt one-half hour before they are done. Drain and prepare the Sauce for Vegetables, using all milk for the liquid. Drain and warm the peas and add to the vegetables and sauce. Bring to the boiling point and serve.