Steamed Or Creamed Rice

1 cup rice 1 cup water.

1 1/2 cups milk 1/2 cup cream.

1 teaspoon salt.

Wash the rice thoroughly and put to cook in the boiling water. Boil five minutes, then set in the double boiler and cook until the water is mostly absorbed. Heat the milk and cream in the double boiler and add to the rice. Add salt and finish cooking in the double boiler, which will require about one hour. If cream is not convenient use an additional one-half cup of milk and one tablespoonful of butter.

Do not stir except to lift gently once or twice with a fork.

Plain Steamed Rice

1 cup rice.

1 teaspoon salt.

2 to 2 1/2 cups boiling water.

Pick the rice over carefully, wash and add slowly to the boiling salted water. Set the dish containing the rice in a steamer or in a colander over boiling water. Cook until the rice is soft, which will require about one hour.

Turkish Pilaf

1/2 cup washed rice.

3/4 cup strained tomatoes.

1 cup brown stock 3 tablespoons butter.

Add tomatoes to the stock, and heat to the boiling point. Add rice and steam until the rice is soft. Stir in the butter with a fork, and keep uncovered so that steam may escape. Serve as a vegetable or as an accompaniment to an entree.

Brown Stock

2/3 teaspoon Savora.

1 cup boiling water.

1 teaspoon salt.

Dissolve the Savora in the boiling water. Add the salt.

Savory Rice

1 cup rice.

1 quart can tomatoes.

2 teaspoons salt.

1 cup chopped celery.

1/2 cup chopped olives, ripe.

1 tablespoon grated onion.

Put the tomatoes with the celery and salt on to cook. Let boil for ten minutes, then add the rice, previously well washed, and the other ingredients, and boil for five minutes. Then set in a double boiler and cook for fifty minutes, or until the grains are perfectly soft and tender, yet whole.

Rolled Oats

1 cup Rolled Oats.

1 teaspoon salt.

3 cups boiling water.

Look the oats over carefully and add to the boiling salted water. Let boil 10 minutes, stirring frequently, then put to cook in a double boiler for three to four hours. Do not stir while cooking in the double boiler, except to lift the oats gently once or twice with a fork.

Scotch Bran Brose

1 cup Rolled Oats 1 cup sterilized bran.

2 1/2 cups water 1 teaspoon salt.

Heat the water to boiling. Add the salt, bran and the rolled oats. Let boil ten minutes. This dish is intended for corrective measures rather than for nutritive purposes.

How To Sterilize Bran

Look over and remove foreign substances from bran and place in a rather shallow pan in a moderate oven. Place a pan of hot water in the oven to prevent burning. Bake a half hour, stirring the bran to prevent scorching.

Hulled Wheat

1 cup hulled wheat.

3 cups water.

1 teaspoon salt.

Look over the wheat carefully, wash and drain and put to soak in the cold water. Let soak for eight or ten hours, add the salt and let come to the boiling point. Boil hard for ten minutes in an uncovered dish. Finish cooking in a double boiler for six to eight hours.