Strawberry Preserves

Use equal quantities by weight of berries and sugar. Make a syrup of sugar and one-half as much water. Boil moderately fifteen minutes. Add berries and cook about ten minutes or until berries are soft but not mushy. Seal in glass jars.

Pear Chips

8 pounds pears 4 pounds sugar.

1/4 pound canton ginger 4 lemons.

Wipe pears, remove stems, quarter and core; then cut in small pieces. Add sugar and ginger, and let stand over night. In the morning add lemon cut in small pieces, rejecting the seeds, and cook slowly 3 hours. Put in a stone jar.

Watermelon Preserves

1 quart of sugar.

1 cup water.

2 lemons.

2 quarts diced melon rind 2 four-inch sticks cinnamon 1 dozen cloves.

Use only the rind of the watermelon. Trim off the hard green part, also the red portion. Cut into cubes about three-fourths of an inch square. Prepare a syrup of the sugar and water. When boiling add the seasoning, including the thinly sliced lemon, next add the diced melon and let boil gently about two hours or until the melon is clear.

The red portion may also be used but it should not be overripe and should be cooked separate from the rind.

Cranberry Jelly

1 quart cranberries.

1 cup sugar.

1 to 2 cups water.

Pick over the cranberries. Remove the spoiled or imperfect berries. Wash and add to the boiling water and let cook until they burst through their skins, then put through a colander. Add the sugar gradually, stirring until the sugar is dissolved, then let boil without stirring eight or ten minutes or until it jellies. The jellying point can be easily determined by dropping a little from the point of a spoon on a cold plate. If the drop stands up round and does not flatten it has been cooked sufficiently. Pour into molds or glasses which have been wet with cold water and set away to cool. The dark colored cranberries are usually drier and require more water than the lighter colored ones. They are also drier in the spring of the year.

Spiced Cranberry Jelly

1 quart cranberries 1 1/3 cups boiling water 1 three-inch stick cinnamon.

1 cup sugar.

1/2 teaspoon mace.

1/8 teaspoon salt.

Look the cranberries over carefully, wash and put to cook in one cup of boiling water with the cinnamon and mace. Let cook slowly until the berries burst. Rub through a colander, add the sugar and the remaining one-third cup water and the salt. Cook about six minutes or until a drop upon a cold platter wjll retain its shape. Turn into molds wet with cold water. When ready to serve, unmold upon the platter.

Orange And Grape Fruit Marmalade

4 oranges 2 lemons.

1 grape fruit 4 pounds sugar.

4 cups water.

Wash, dry and halve the grape fruit, oranges and lemons; extract the juice and the pulp by means of a lemon drill. Scrape out all the coarse white part of the skins; use the skins of all the fruit except that of one orange. Chop the peel in a meat chopper or slice very finely with a slicer. Add to the juices; measure and add an equal quantity of water. Let stand over night in a cool place. In the morning boil with 4 pounds of sugar, until it jellies, which will take about an hour. Put in jars or glasses; cover with paraffine and a metal cover.

Two additional oranges may be substituted for the grape fruit if desired.

Strawberry Jam (English Style)

Allow equal parts by weight of sugar and berries. Put a layer of berries in a preserving kettle, then a layer of sugar, and continue alternating berries and sugar until the kettle is a little more than half full. Do not try to cook too many at once. Let come slowly to the boiling point and continue boiling for 20 minutes or until they form a thick syrup. Put into jelly glasses or jars. Cover with paraffine.

Red Raspberry Jam

Prepare the same as for strawberry jam. One quart of raspberries weighs from fourteen to sixteen ounces.

Green Tomato Preserves

2 quarts sliced green tomatoes 1 lemon.

2 pints sugar Water.

Wash the tomatoes and slice unpeeled. Boil in water until clear and tender, drain off water, add sugar and the lemon very thinly sliced. Cook slowly one hour, turn into a stone jar and let stand one week. Drain off the juice and boil it 10 minutes. Turn over the tomatoes and let stand one week. Drain off juice again and let come to the boiling point, then put in the cooked tomatoes and boil all together five minutes. Turn into jars and cover with paraffine.