A La, Au, Aux

A La, Au, Aux, Dressed in a certain style.

A La Poulette

A La Poulette, Meat or fish, etc., warmed in white sauce, with yolks of eggs added.

Au Beurre Roux

Au Beurre Roux, With browned butter.


Bisque, A shell-fish soup.


Croustade, Or oyster loaf.. Cut off the end of a German loaf of bread, remove the inside, fill in with hot oysters, put on the end or cover.


Chervil, Sweet parsley used in French salad. En Coquille, Served in shells. En Papillote, In papers.


Glaze, Stock of preserves boiled down to a thin paste. Jardiniere, A mixed preparation of vegetables stewed in stock and garnished with green peas.

Maitre D'Hotel

Maitre D'Hotel, Master of the hotel. Menu, Bill of fare.


Truffles, A fungus growing in clusters a few inches underground, having an agreeable perfume. Dogs are trained to find them. They cannot be cultivated. Used in seasoning and garniture.


Puree, A soup rubbed through a French sieve.


Quenelles, A forcemeat powdered before cooking.


Vol-Au-Vent, A large round of puff paste, with the centre round filled with oysters, French hash, etc.


Roux, Butter and flour blended together in different ways.


Angelica, A plant preserved and made into candy. Tarragon, An herb, the leaves of which are added to vinegar, called tarragon vinegar.


Basil, An herb having a perfume like cloves, used in seasoning.


Chives, A shrub with small, tender stalks, having the flavor of onions. Chopped and used in salads.

Pate Au Choux

Pate Au Choux, Cream cake paste.


Page 59, 2d line, after 11th word, read "yelks of two eggs," etc.

Page 76, Oyster Salad, 1st line, instead " One-third cup," read "one cup or more".

Page 81, Old Time Sponge Cake, 6th line, instead of "flour" read " fold in the well-beaten whites".

Page 83, Cocoanut Cake, 6th line, after "corn starch" omit "and soda".

Page 115, Biscuit, 3d line, instead of the word "flour" read "butter and lard".