Bechamel, Or White Sauce

One cup of cream, one cup of white stock or one pint of cream, two tablespoons of butter, two heaping tablespoons of flour, season to taste. Heat cream over hot water. Put butter in hot granite saucepan, stir till it melts or bubbles, add dry flour, stir quickly with the ball of a spoon until well mixed, pour over a part of the cream, stir till it thickens, add the remaining stock or cream, put back into double boiler and cook five minutes. Should be smooth, if not, strain. This way of cooking butter gives a much better flavor than blending the flour and butter. If you cannot get cream use milk and an extra tablespoon of butter. If too thick add more stock or cream, if too thin, more flour.

Drawn Butter (Plain)

Is made the same as cream sauce, using hot water instead of cream, and four tablespoons of butter. Richer drawn butter may be made by adding the yolks of two eggs.

Hollandaise Sauce

May be made of milk, or cream, or stock, one-half cup of butter, yolks of three eggs, juice of one-half lemon, salt, a speck of cayenne, one cup of boiling stock, cream or milk. Rub butter to a cream, add yolks, then lemon juice and seasoning. Beat well about five minutes, add boiling liquid, beat rapidly and serve. Should be as thick as custard.

Hollandaise Sauce

Melt over hot water a half cup of butter, add the beaten yolks of five eggs, beat well till thick. Season with salt and cayenne and stir in gradually two tablespoons of lemon juice and one-half cup of boiling water. If the butter more than melts it will curdle.

Egg Sauce

Make cream or milk or drawn butter sauce, and add three hard boiled eggs chopped.

Cream Mushroom Sauce

Make a cream sauce. Take one tablespoon of the butter, add one cup of chopped mushrooms, cook ten minutes or till soft. Add to the cream or milk sauce.

Oyster Sauce

Heat one pint of fresh oysters to the boiling point in their own liquor. Remove from fire, drain liquor into another pan. Beat to a cream one-third cup of butter, three tablespoons of flour, add to oyster juice one cup of milk, heat to boiling, stir in flour and butter. Cook fifteen minutes, season and add oysters, then one teaspoon of lemon juice. For boiled fish, turkey or chicken.

Celery Sauce (For Boiled Fowl)

Cook one cup of white part of celery, cut fine, in enough water to cover; cook until tender, drain off water; if not one pint add water enough to make that quantity. Melt two tablespoons of butter, add two of flour, and stir in the hot liquor, cook, and add the cooked celery. Season.

Sauce Robert

To one cup of brown sauce add one teaspoon of sugar, one of mustard, one of vinegar.

Tomato Sauce

Melt one tablespoon of,butter, fry in it one tablespoon of chopped onion till yellow, add one tablespoon of flour, pour gradually over one cup of hot stock, add one-half cup of cooked strained tomato. Season.