Save any pieces of fat (except mutton fat), cut into one-half inch cubes, put in a pan, in the oven, and cook slowly, until the scraps are a light brown. When slightly cooled strain and set it away. Always clarify and strain fat after being used for frying.

Minced Meat On Toast

Remove the fat and gristle from the veal and chop fine. To one cup of meat add one saltspoon of salt, a speck of pepper, one-half cup of thickened gravy. Heat in saucepan and pour over buttered toast. Serve hot.

Cottage Pie

Chop cold meat very fine. Mash some potatoes. To every cup of meat add one saltspoon of salt, one-half saltspoon of pepper, a speck of nutmeg, one-half cup of gravy or stock, and a little finely chopped onion. Put the meat, when seasoned, in a baking dish, cover it with mashed potatoes, and bake a golden brown.

Scalloped Mutton

Cut cold mutton into thin slices, removing all the fat and gristle. Put a layer of bread crumbs on the bottom of a shallow baking dish, then a layer of mutton, then a layer of cooked macaroni, then gravy. Moisten one-third of a cup of crumbs in one tablespoon of melted butter, spread over the top, bake until a nice brown. Season each layer with salt and pepper.

Brown Beef Stew

Order skirt of beef a few days before needed; the skirt is tender and juicy; remove skin, and cut in slices. Heat one tablespoon of butter in a saucepan, add one chopped onion, one slice of carrot, one of turnip, few cloves and bouquet; add sliced meat and fry brown. Then add hot water, cook until tender, be careful not to cook too long, so as to retain the juices, season with salt and pepper, remove meat, strain gravy, return to fire and boil up. Brown one tablespoon of butter or drippings, add two tablespoons of browned flour, one tablespoon of sherry wine, one tablespoon of tomato catsup, a few drops of lemon juice. Put back meat, heat thoroughly; serve with macaroni, or dumplings, heaped around the edge of deep platter.

Hamburg Steak

Two pounds of chopped beef or Hamburg steak, one-half cup of bread crumbs, one cup of milk, two eggs, two teaspoons of salt, one teaspoon of pepper, three slices of salt pork. Season the meat, then add the milk, beaten eggs, nearly all the bread crumbs, put into a buttered dish, shape and sprinkle with the crumbs, and lay on the slices of pork. Cover the dish and bake ten minutes; then remove the cover and hake fifteen minutes longer.

Fried Liver

Have calf's liver sliced thin. Trim the tough skin from the edges. Soak in cold water five minutes, and wipe. Fry out salt pork, put in the slices of liver, salt and pepper and sprinkle with powdered sage. Cook three minutes and turn. Season as before. Turn often, cook from seven to ten minutes. Put into a hot dish and spread with butter.

Broiled Liver

Prepare the liver as above, and broil.

Liver Au Lit

Clean the livers from two or three fowls and cut into several pieces; or you may use calf's liver cut into small slices. Put a layer of tomatoes in a dish, then the liver, then sliced onion, and tomatoes on the top. Season each layer with salt and pepper. Cover and bake slowly for about half an hour.

Dumplings For Stews

Make dumplings for stews the same as baking powder biscuit, only a little softer. Drop from a wet tablespoon into the stew; boil twenty minutes.