Boiled Leg Of Mutton A La Francaise

Have the marrow removed from the bone of a leg of mutton. Put into the cavity a few cloves and garlic. Let stand for a week or so. Remove the garlic and boil as before directed.

Boiled Ham

If very salt, soak overnight; otherwise, soak two hours in cold water. Scrub well, trim off the black part, cover with boiling water. Simmer, allowing one-half hour for every pound. If ham is allowed to boil it hardens it. When cooked leave in the water till nearly cold; then remove, pull off the skin, put into the oven for one hour, baste often with vinegar. Remove from oven. Cover with sugar and dried bread crumbs, return to the oven, and when a golden brown, dish. Or stick cloves into the ham in fancy shapes, then wet your finger, and deep into red pepper and make a round spot, and alternate with black pepper. If sent to the table hot, serve with brown sauce, flavored with one-half glass of champagne, or currant jelly, or juice of one-half lemon. A very nice way is to cook a ham a little longer, and remove the bone carefully. For those who care for it, add a bottle of white wine or champagne while simmering.

Corned Beef

Cover with boiling water, simmer, allowing one-half hour to the pound; as scum rises, remove. If to be eaten cold add a few whole spices to the water while cooking. If a rib piece when the bones loosen, remove from the pot, take out the bones, cover and press with a weight.

Boiled Chicken

Clean, stuff a chicken. Put in boiling water a teaspoon of salt, one-half a carrot, one onion, two stalks of celery, six pepper corns, a bay leaf, sprig of thyme and parsley, salt; add the chicken, simmer one hour or till tender. Serve with any sauce preferred.

Hash A La Francaise

Have cooked beef chopped rather fine. Put a piece of butter, the size of an egg, in hot stew pan (this is for one pint of chopped meat); add two chopped onions; when cooked add one tablespoon of flour, one-half glass of white wine, a cup of broth, a little table sauce, tomato or Worcestershire, salt and pepper, a grating of nutmeg; add the chopped meat, leave in fifteen minutes to heat, but do not boil. Dish it, pour on a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar and serve. Garnish with points of toast.

Veal cut in slices cooked by foregoing recipe is very nice.


One cup of cooked meat chopped fine, two cups of hot mashed potatoes, one-half teaspoon of salt, one-half saltspoon of pepper. Mix until smooth. Put two or three tablespoons of hot water into a spider. Melt one tablespoon of butter or drippings. Put in the hash and let it simmer slowly until the water is absorbed and a brown crust is formed. Do not stir. Fold over, turn on a hot platter.

Hashed Corned Beef

To one pint of chopped meat add one pint of cold chopped potatoes, a saltspoon of mustard, one teaspoon of white pepper. Have in frying pan a tablespoon of hot drippings, put in the hash, add two tablespoons of hot water, a tablespoon of butter. More water may be added if needed, but not too much. Stir and heat well, form an oblong shape, brown on one side, run a knife under it to keep it from sticking to frying pan. Turn on a hot platter. If hashes are put in covered dishes it steams them and makes them soggy. If you have any vegetables left from a corned beef dinner chop them together, warm the same way as the corned beef hash, omitting the water, as the vegetables are generally moist enough.