One-half cup of macaroni after being broken into inch pieces. Cook in boiling salted water twenty minutes or till soft. Drain; pour cold water over it, and serve with hot white sauce, or tomato sauce.

Macaroni, Italian Style

Put into a saucepan one large spoonful of lard; when melted put in two pounds of beef (a piece of the round); when fried brown on one side, turn, and fry the same on the other. Put in one sliced onion, pepper, salt and other spices to suit. When this has cooked for about one-half hour put in one-quarter of a can of tomatoes, or an equal quantity of fresh; improved by adding Italian dried mushrooms. Boil slowly (if necessary add boiling water, or broth sufficient to make about a pint of gravy); cook about two hours in all. Take one pound of Royal macaroni, or spaghetti, and put into a large kettle full of boiling water; cook for twenty minutes, seasoning with salt. Strain well when done. Spread the macaroni or spaghetti on a platter; pour over it the stew, and sprinkle with cheese, serve hot.

Macaroni And Tomatoes

Cook one quart of tomatoes until quite dry. Cook macaroni until soft in salted water, drain it, grate one cup of cheese, melt two tablespoons of butter in a hot stew pan. add the grated cheese, and stir until ropy. Turn into the cooked tomatoes, season with a saltspoon of cayenne and add white pepper. Put the macaroni around a hot platter, pour tomatoes into the center. Serve very hot and quickly. Any food cooked with cheese must be served as soon as cooked.

Baked Macaroni

Boil one pound of best macaroni or spaghetti, as stated, put in a bake pan, mix with some melted butter and grated cheese, sprinkle the top with cheese grated, add one cup of milk, bake until the top is brown.

NoticeŚCare should always be taken that the water in which the macaroni or spaghetti is cooked be boiling before the same is put in.