Timballs Of Salmon

One pound of salmon. Remove the skin, take out the bones, chop, and pound in a mortar with a clove of garlic, a saltspoon of mustard, a speck of red pepper, saltspoon of white pepper, six canned mushrooms chopped fine. Press all through a wire sieve; add a cup of cream; if not add more seasoning if needed. Beat the whites stiff; add gradually to timbal mixture. Butter timbal moulds well and fill; cover with greased paper, put into the oven in a pan with hot water, cook fifteen minutes, turn out and serve with Hollandaise sauce.

Timballs Of Chicken

Chop'a chicken breast, pound in a mortar; add the same quantity of bread soaked, squeezed; season with teaspoon of salt, one-half of pepper, saltspoon of nutmeg; press through a sieve, add the yolks of two well-beaten eggs. Grease six timbal moulds, sprinkle with stale bread crumbs, fill, cook as above directed. Serve with Madeira sauce.