Baked Bell Peppers

Select bell peppers of uniform size, cut off the top, remove the seeds and stuff with oyster forcemeat, bake in a buttered pan one-half hour.

Peppers A La Espagnol

Select bell peppers of uniform size, put them into boiling water, let stand for a while, when you can readily remove the skin. When cool cut off the large end, remove the center, fill with any entree preferred, and bake twenty minutes, basting frequently with melted butter. Serve with Spanish Sauce. After filling the peppers put on the covers again and sew them down.

Poached Eggs And Mushrooms

Peel enough mushrooms to fill two cups, after they are broken in small pieces, sprinkle over them a little salt and let them stand a few moments, this will remove any small bugs; put in a strainer and pour over a little water, shake well and put in a saucepan with a tablespoon of butter, cook slowly fifteen minutes or till soft. Poach six eggs, by dropping carefully into boiling salted water, remove with a skimmer and arrange round the edge of a platter and pile the mushrooms in the center.

Croustades Of Asparagus

Cut off the tops of rolls or biscuit. Scrape out the inside, set with the tops into the oven to crisp. Make a white sauce; put in the tops of two bunches of cooked asparagus. Fill the rolls with this; cover. Serve.

Frogs' Legs A La Cream

Cook six pair's of frogs legs fifteen minutes in hot milk with a little salt. Put one pint of cream in double boiler. When hot add half teaspoon of salt, saltspoon of white pepper. Melt two tablespoons of butter in hot saucepan; add two tablespoons of flour, pour gradually over a part of the cream. Stir all into double boiler; stir well; when thick add the frogs' legs.


Chop fine one pound of fresh veal, half lean and half fat, the fat nearest the kidney is the best; then pound it well and press it through a sieve. Mix the yolks of two eggs with it and season to taste with salt, pepper, nutmeg grated, and powdered cinnamon. Spread flour on the paste board, put a teaspoon of meat here and there, roll gently each part into small balls, using as little flour as possible. They may also be rolled an olive shape. Throw the balls into boiling broth or boiling water at the first boiling, boil five minutes and drain. As soon as cold they are ready for use. Quenelles are used for garnishing. They may be fried instead of boiled.

Rissoles Or Ceciles

One pound of meat chopped fine, have two tablespoons of stale bread crumbs, two tablespoons of suet chopped, one teaspoon of chopped parsley, one-half teaspoon of sweet herbs, salt and pepper, gill of stock, one tablespoon of flour. Mix meat, butter, bread crumbs and herbs, salt, one tablespoon of flour, add one gill of stock. Flour the board and turn mixture on it. Form into little balls, roll in egg and bread crumbs. Fry in hot fat.

For a change make plain pie crust, adding a little baking powder. Roll out thin, cut in small squares, put each rissole in a square and cover; dip in egg and crumbs; fry three minutes.