Cheese Fondu

One cup stale bread crumbs, one egg, one cup of milk, butter size of an egg, one cup of grated cheese. Season the bread crumbs with one-quarter teaspoon of salt, same of pepper, one speck of cayenne, one saltspoon of mustard, then add melted butter, cheese, beaten egg and milk. Bake twenty minutes in small pudding dish—or in small dishes ten minutes. Serve immediately.

Rice Croquettes

One cup of cold boiled rice, warmed in double boiler, with one teaspoon of milk or cream, one tablespoon of butter, one egg, one-half teaspoon of salt, one-quarter teaspoon of white pepper, a little cayenne, one tablespoon of grated cheese. Cool, shape, roll in bread crumbs, dip in egg, roll again in bread crumbs. Fry in hot fat till brown.

Chicken Croquettes

Chop cooked chicken rather fine, use one-half pint of canned or fresh mushrooms, one-third cup of cream, three tablespoons of butter, two of flour, one tablespoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of onion juice, yolks of two eggs. Put the cream into a stewpan and let it heat slowly. Beat the flour and butter together, add the cream when it boils. Stir until smooth, then add the chopped chicken, to which has been added the onion, lemon juice and season, mushrooms (first cooking mushrooms half an hour in a tablespoon of the butter), stir well; now add the two well-beaten yolks, cook two minutes. Pour this on a platter, let it cool, shape into croquettes, roll in dry bread crumbs, then in egg and again in crumbs. Fry in a basket in deep fat three minutes. Take up, drain on butcher paper.

Lobster Cutlets

One pint of lobster meat, or crawfish, chopped rather fine, one-half pint of cream or chicken broth, a tablespoon of Hour, three tablespoons of butter, one tablespoon of lemon juice, one quarter teaspoon of white pepper, a speck of cayenne, one level teaspoon of salt, four eggs. Mix salt and pepper with chopped fish. Put the cream or stock on to heat. Mix the flour and butter and stir into the hot cream, cook one minute, stirring all the time. Add the fish; stir well and cook for three minutes. Then add two eggs, well beaten, stir quickly and take from the fire instantly; stir in the lemon juice, and spread the mixture on a platter to cool. When cold form in cutlet shape, then cover with beaten egg and crumbs. Stick one of the small claws into the small end of each cutlet. Fry two minutes, and drain. Serve with tartare sauce.

Cutlets A La Maintenon

For six mutton cutlets use four tablespoons of chopped mushrooms, one of chopped onion, one generous tablespoon of butter, one of flour, three of stock, one teaspoon of minced parsley, one of salt, one-fourth teaspoon of pepper, three gills of Spanish sauce. Cook the butter and onion together for five minutes; then add the mushrooms and seasoning and cook five minutes longer. Add the flour and stir well; then add the stock and cook three minutes longer. Let the mixture cool. Have the cutlets cut from the ribs, one inch and a half thick. Trim as for French chops, with a sharp knife. Split the chops in two without separating them at the bone. Spread the cooked mixture inside, and press lightly together. Broil for eight minutes over clear coals. Serve very hot with Spanish sauce.