Boiled Rice

Three quarts of boiling water, two and one-half tablespoons of salt, one cup of rice. Have water boiling very fast ; put in the rice, and cook fifteen to twenty minutes without stirring. When soft drain off every particle of water and let it stand in the colander on the back of the stove till dry.

Chicken Salad

One pint of cold boiled or roasted chicken, one-half pint of celery. Cut the chicken in small pieces. Wash and scrape the celery, cut in small pieces. Mix with a French dressing. Put away on ice. Make a mayonnaise dressing. Mix a part with the chicken. Pile the chicken on a dish, pour the rest of the dressing over it. Garnish the top with cold cooked beets cut in fancy shapes, the ends and sides with celery leaves.

Tomato Salad

Take six small firm tomatoes. Put them into boiling water and remove the skins. Set away for an hour to get thoroughly cool. Then scoop out from the center of each tomato a piece the size of a hickory nut. Fill with mayonnaise dressing. Set each tomato on a lettuce leaf, adding more dressing. Serve individually very cold.

Potato Salad

Four boiled potatoes mashed and rubbed through a sieve. Mix one saltspoon of mustard, two teaspoons of salt, yolks of two hard boiled eggs, a few drops of onion juice, add slowly four teaspoons of oil, two tablespoons of vinegar and one tablespoon of anchovy sauce. Mix thoroughly with the potato. Garnish with parsley and serve very cold, or cut in dice and serve the same way.

Lettuce Salad

When served as a salad, put the dressing on the whole leaves, curl, shell shape, serve individually or pile in salad dish, mix and cover with mayonnaise dressing, garnished with boiled beets cut in fancy shapes, or rings of whites of hard boiled eggs.

Shrimp Or Crab Salad

Make a mayonnaise dressing. Mix in the shrimps, spread over with the dressing and garnish with beets cut in fancy shapes. For crab salad remove the meat from a cooked crab, chop rather fine, season with salt, pepper and a speck of cayenne pepper ; mix and cover with mayonnaise dressing the same as above. Or lay leaves of lettuce around the dish and fill with the fish or shrimps, mix and cover with the dressing and garnish with rings of eggs or beets cut in fancy shapes.

Oyster Salad

One quart of oysters, one pint of celery, one-third cup of mayonnaise dressing, three tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of oil, one-half teaspoon of salt, one-eighth teaspoon of pepper, one tablespoon of lemon juice. Let the oysters come to a boil in their own liquor. Skim well, and drain. Season them with the oil, vinegar, pepper, salt and lemon juice. When cold put on the ice for two hours. Wash the whitest part of the celery, and cut in very thin slices. Put it in a bowl with a large lump of ice. At serving time, drain the celery, and mix with the oysters and half of the dressing. Pour the remainder over the top, and garnish with white celery leaves.

Lobster Salad

Cut into cubes enough lobster to make a quart. Put it into a bowl, and mix with it three tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of oil, one teaspoon of salt, and one-half teaspoon of pepper. Put on ice for an hour. Wash the heart leaves of four heads of lettuce, place in a dish and sprinkle with cracked ice. When ready to serve stir one-half pint of mayonnaise into the lobster. Shake ice and water from the lettuce ; form the leaves into shells with one tablespoon of lobster in each shell and one teaspoon of dressing on top of lobster.

Asparagus Salad

Take cold boiled asparagus, pile eight stalks ; plates as many as are needed and put a tablespoon of Remoullde sauce on each plate.

Preserved Pears Or Other Large Fruits

Wash, pare, quarter and core pears of uniform size ; throw them into cold water to prevent them from turning brown. Fill preserving jars neatly with the pears. Set them in a nicely scrubbed wash boiler with a rack on the bottom, add cold water to come up one-fourth of the jars. Make a syrup allowing one pint of granulated sugar to a quart of water, tie up in a piece of cheese cloth, six cloves, some of allspice, a small piece of cinnamon, a pinch of dried ginger ; put into the syrup, cook the syrup ten minutes, pour this syrup hot into the jars till they overflow. Put on the cover of the boiler and steam twenty minutes. Remove the jars, screw on the covers. When cold screw them again. A rack can be made of laths fitted together to form squares.